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Letter From An Unborn Child

With every moment I keep on tossing and turning
Not because my heart keeps yearning for more,
But rather, because my heart is burning
From the fear of reality

I never asked to be here but if it keeps on raining
I guess I might as well keep building these walls,
Walls that trap me, for in them I hope to find protection
Because the last time I listened I heard thunder crack
Or maybe it was jus you, screaming and banging

Dear momma

I don't know how to say it so I thought I'd write you a letter

It's been 9 months long, actually let me say a ...

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Looking outside I could only see the darkness approach
Looking into my life I could see my own reproach
So I thought by looking into her eyes I would see what I had
For in a moment it would all be lost.
Gone in a second, tossed away, laid to down like the dust on dry lands

I looked to my side one more time
I looked in to her eyes for the very last time.

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