Tim Meister

(Fairbury, Illinois)


Poem by Tim Meister

One day, I found myself in the cemetery, not really knowing
why I was there. I wandered aimlessly, glancing at each
grave I saw. I wandered aimlessly until I came upon a grave
in which someone had just been buried.

I seemed to be frozen there not able to move nor shout. The
only thing I could do, was to read what was on the
tombstone. It was one of those poems that made you think
his life was pleasant. I knew this could not be right for I
knew the man who was buried there.

I knew the man did not have a pleasant life. He had to give
up his dream to be an architect to farm after his father
died. He farmed to support his mother, who died a few years
later. The work was hard and painful, because he knew he
could never reach his dream.

This poor man's life was not at all pleasant. He had a
dream to marry and have children, but that never did happen.
Oh, it was not because he didn't love. It was because no one
loved him, or so he thought. There could have been
someone, but that didn't matter. For he knew he could not
compete with any other man she could have met. With his two
sisters no longer alive, he had no one to love him.

Every passer by will stop and look at this magnificent
headstone. They will think he lived a grand life. I know
this is not true. I know he lived a lonely, heartbroken
life. The reason I know all this is simple. For you see,
he and I, are one and the same.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 2, 2003

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