Elia Michael

Eris, The Troublemaker Goddess - Poem by Elia Michael

It is often thought that the Trojan War
Began when Paris and Helen eloped
And in a sense that is true, but there's more
It really started when goddess Strife hoped

To be invited to the wedding feast
Arranged by Zeus for Peleus and Thetis
All-seeing Father did not invite her lest
This goddess prove true to her name Eris

So she, a goddess scorned was furious
She thought up plans so she could avenge
Herself but her thoughts were injurious
To many persons as she sought revenge

She tossed the golden apple at the feast
Of the gods who came down to celebrate
The wedding of Peleus and Thetis.
The apple was inscribed 'to the fairest'.

The apple became the source of discord,
For rivalry sprang up in Aphrodite
Athena and Hera, as each wanted
To be her whose beauty was most adored.

Each goddess claimed 'the fairest' was for her.
They argued and argued and Zeus was asked
To make a decision and arbitrate,
Though he, not wanting this task, did transfer

The job to Paris; but Aphrodite
Then bribed him by offering lovely Helen,
And so began the famous Trojan War,
When they eloped and sailed across the sea.

Topic(s) of this poem: beauty

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