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Erised Rofxes - Poem by JOBY JOHN

Running fire can't be done
Ran I behind Rofxes
'Erised Rofxes, Erised Rofxes',
Haunting thoughts far behind
Me! it's my vestments
Old fashioned rob is hanging
' Not there, 'here', I say'
'A white one, but it's old know'
One...tow..three...'Wore me please.' But I don't
Reached near Rofxes.
'Beauty! ' at a glance,
I, time, spend
One, two, three
It is four.
But I couldn't


Here a snake in the cave
There a sword in the body
Here and there many swords and snakes.
Enter, exit, enter, exit
Blood and water
Bleeding, flowing.
Oh! horrible but they laugh.
Thought it the end was.
Not yet.


Here comes a dog in two legs.
Lick the wound, bite the feet
Like a mad dog,
To eat it
As a hot-dog.
Is there an end?
Wished I good by.
But it never ends.
I killed the snake
I left the sword
Cast out the killer.
Again, again, again.
I thought Erised Rofxes had gone.
But here
It's there


Oh! Oh! there a viper
Not in the cave
But in the din
Viper with babies
It's moving in the din
White is filled with waste.
Its venom makes waste taste.
It mixed that with its tail
And squeezed the din
It was eaten by the children.
I told Erised Rofxes,
'You see them and
Be with them.
I am not suit for you
To be a friend.
There is your company
Go with them.'
I forced to say this,
Because Rofxes gave
Food of swords and snakes.
I saw a python creeps
Not through the sand
But through the space
Made by Himalayas


I vomit may be
so I omit Rofxes.
I left the unfaithful
I left the malicious
I that's pleasure.
Though it seems glittering
Though it seems uncomfortable
It is not so.
It was my dress 'Erised Rofxes'
I kept its beauty in mind
Morning in the cabin,
Evening in the cloud-castle


Now I realise
The beauty of the Old
I tear off Erised Rofxes.
Ran I naked
Reached home.
There lies my Rob
How marvellous
and its eternity are!
My eyes are in
My thoughts are out.
I became very gentle.


I confess my sins,
I took a bath
And sat before the almighty.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

One day's experience with the spider

(composed on 24/06/2013)

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