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Eternity... - Poem by MoonBee Canady

Each Day The Earth Turns
and Brings The Dawn Sunrise
And Each Night Somewhere
Stars Are Dancing In The Skies

But Will Humans Ever Know
Time's Full-Forever Size?
Or The Full Mind of GOD
of Wondrous Works, So Wise?

Still, In Each Misty Moment
People Find It Hard To Trust
As We See Our Friends or Family
Laid To Rest In Dust...

Or Because Often, Men Betray
and Trust, Becomes A Bridge Blown-Up
And Trust, Is Now A Rusted - Link
That Was Broken Down... or Cut

And Some Reckless Humans Left
The Ropes of Trust - Untied...
In A 'Wait and See' World Where Trust
Withered Away and Died

Yet - Still, There Is
An Eternal - Forever
An Infinity Line & Time
... Never Severed

An Always and Ever...
Constant Ongoing
An Endless and Ageless
Answer, Echoing...

That Adds Each Minute
Like Fractions Mathematical
In A Formula of Fractals
That Makes The Future - Emphatical

In An Equation of Energy
and Dark Matter In Multiples
As The Speed of Light Travels
Into Time's Capsules...

* * * * * * *

... Eternity - In The Minds of Men
Eternity - Scans Eyes of Hope's Lens
Eternity - A Real Life of Joys Without End
Eternity - Where Real Life Begins...

Eternity - With Loving Family & Friends
Eternity - Without The Taint of Sin
Eternity - Is What GOD Will Send
Eternity - Some Are Asking, 'When? '...

... Eternity - Is Just Around The Bend
Eternity - A Location Where Love Is In
Eternity - Is What Each New Day Spins
Eternity - Is Part of Each New Day - Opening

Eternity - We 'Can' Follow Its Wandering Winds
Eternity - Not Afraid To Close Eyes & Count To Ten
Eternity - Is Where Everybody Alive Will Win
... Eternity - O' Where Will You Spend? ...

For Then,

Each Day The Earth Turns
and Brings Dawn's Sunrise
and Each Night, Somewhere
Stars Are Dancing In The Skies

And Now, Trust Is An Eternal
Stairway, Where Humans Stride
Forever Trusting The GOD of Love
With All Our Lives...

In An Eternity Filled With
Wonders and Bright Surprise...
In A Dream Come True
Where No Loved Ones, Ever Dies...

- yeah -

Topic(s) of this poem: Eternity

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Written & Copyrighted ©: 3/29/2014
by: MoonBee Canady

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