Terence Murphy

Event Horizon - Poem by Terence Murphy

Hugh The rock singer's father introduced
Us all to the multiverse and his many worlds
So I sit patiently form filling to apply for my visa
To that other, from infinite choices vacationing
The sliding door when I got off the plane or she got on
And the sheer power of that synchronous moment
Didn't need to trap memory's for years like Hawking's?
Black hole and irresistible attractors, well you know
How it is with them, no light escapes their gravity
Just chosen moments preserved forever circling.
The event horizon of symmetry and hearts.
I have my itinerary worked out for the trip already
The most loved bars, favourite sunsets and fresh linen
Crisp morning in empty streets
Best of all the words free of decent restraint
Not hi and cheers but love and want, need
And now where not a single ripple of anguished conscience
Blown hurt for others, make tarnished what should be
Glass perfect moments, clear and sweetness shaped,
Not being a greedy child ever my booking lasts
A holiday only in this neighbourhood universe
Not one filled with fairy castles or talking pets but
Places I could have loved to show to her and the
Unspoken words, spoken now and never needing regret.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The physicist Hugh Everett's many-worlds theory offers us the imaginitive hope of vacationing in worlds formed from those other paths not taken. http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiverse

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