Nelson Behle

Ever Had A Day? - Poem by Nelson Behle

Have you ever had a day when the world just passed by?
When the sun didn't shine and you can't help but wonder why?
Did the music stop playing? Or did your ears go deaf?
Are you lost in the silence? Can you feel it in every breath?
Sitting in the dark, can you see any glimmering light?
Alone in the corner, are you suddenly filled with fright?
Does it scare you knowing they have all walked out door?
Will you ever find the courage to pick yourself up off the floor?
The glimmering light, can you see it through the cracks?
Is it growing brighter and brighter? Does it mean they're coming back?
Who's knocking at the door? Who's trying to come in?
Is it finally a friendly face? Can they bring this nightmare to an end?
Can you feel the strength returning, the warmth finally come?
Has heart begun to beat, beat stronger than a drum?
Do you feel the pressure lessen as the door breaks the seal?
Does the darkness lift away? Do your wounds seem to heal?
The light has quickly faded, but who's standing in the room?
Why has the light left you? Who has broke into your tomb?
Is it your imagination? Is the person really there?
Did the darkness truly trick on you? Are you caught in its snare?
You search the empty room, is there no one you can see?
Do you cry out in anger? Do you pray to be set free?
Have you ever been a victim, trapped by your single worst fear?
Did you ever wonder why? What you did to put you here?
If you could go back in time, would you change the path you took?
Would you let your world burn? Would you rewrite your book?
If the light finally found you, would it find you cold and alone?
Do you deserve this fate? Do you deserve this broken home?
Don't let the darkness take you, is it worth letting inside?
Is it worth this cold prison? Is it worth the tears you've cried?
Open the door yourself, come back from the brink.
Find the light within you, you're worth more than you think.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 20, 2012

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