Dawn Rose

Everything Happened So Fast - Poem by Dawn Rose

I lay in a clearing,
I could fall asleep,
I watch and listen to my surroundings.
The morning is young
The air is crisp
The birds sing in joy
But something is wrong.
The water runs smooth and clear,
The leaves sway gently in the breeze.
But still
Something is wrong

I look up at the trees
And notice an unnatural sight,
The tree is alone.
Not a single bird is in the trees,
They have all taken flight.
I try listening around to any noises,
But I hear nothing.
There is no bird song,
There are no animal noises at all.
What is happening?

I have an urge to run and scream,
But curiosity gets the better of me.
I wait to see what happens,
I wait for what seems like forever.
I decide to climb a tree
For a better look of everything,
And I still wish I didn’t
Because what I saw
Was the most terrifying experience.

There were men coming,
Men with guns coming for all angles,
Men with dogs,
Men in giant tanks.
They were everywhere.
Men in suits, men in uniform,
And some men even covered in mud.
Some men had guns with knives,
Some men were covered in green paint.
Why is this happening?

I climb down the tree for a better look,
But I slip and fall.
Falling seems like eternity,
But it finally comes to an end
I hit the ground hard.
But the soft cool damp grass is there.
I'm very glad to be out of the tree
But the company down here is not so welcoming.

Everything happens so fast,
One minute i'm in a tree,
The next i'm on the ground,
Then i'm tied up and everything is black
They have placed something over my head.
In front of me a bright light appeared,
They had taken the bag off my head.
I had really wished they hadn't.

I was forced to a large stone wall,
Where I was told to sit and wait.
I sit here in fear,
I wonder what is coming.
I know what is coming but I hope i'm wrong.
A tall man with a gun and a knife comes over,
He orders me to stand and so i do.
He aims the gun at me
And pulls the trigger....

I look around startled,
Looking and listening to my surroundings.
The morning is passing,
The air is still crisp,
And the birds sing in joy.
The water runs clear and smooth,
And the leaves sway in the breeze
As I carefully and quickly make my way home.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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