Everything Is You Poem by Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa

Everything Is You

Every being is You. Every body is You.
Every creature is You. Every soul is You.
Every animal is You. Every fish is You.
Every bird is You. Every insect is You.

Every atom is You. Every particle is You.
Every cell is You. Every fragment is You.
Everything is You, yet I still cannot see You?
This is a tragedy, it is the tragedy of all tragedy.

Oh God, the mind cannot help but ponder Your power,
Upon Your creation Your blessings constantly shower.
Oh God, what power do us mortals have, to flower,
I beg for the grace from the True Guru, to empower.

Oh God, there is no one else worth begging before,
Day and night I am knocking at Your door.
Oh God, shower Your mercy on Your servant so poor,
Begging for your grace, this is the perfect chore.

Every mountain is You. Every ocean is You.
Every stone is You. Every raindropp is You.
Every field is You. Every rainbow is You.
Every grain is You. Every colour is You.

Every flower is You. Every tree is You.
Every petal is You. Every leaf is You.
Everything is You, yet I still feel separated from You?
The heart is in turmoil, it is the turmoil of all turmoil.

Oh God, grant me a moment of Your radiant light,
So that I may never be separated from Your sight.
Oh God, the jewel of my forehead is in night,
I beg for the Naam, the vibration of Your might.

Oh God, the five thieves rob me continually everyday,
The account of karma is now bankrupt and in decay.
Oh God, without You what good does my life display,
Bless me a moment of Your love, this is what I pray.

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