Matt Mercer

Everything (Part 1) - Poem by Matt Mercer

To all the snowflakes that land in winter
To all the raindrops that fill the river
To all the mountains that guide the horizon
To all the light that makes up the sun

To the sky that blankets us from peril
To the clouds that drown our sorrow,
alleviating the pain, of a new tomorrow

To the volcanoes that roar and boom
To the heat and smoke that follow soon
To the valleys
And to the stream
To the hills above that create a scene
To the invaluable crystals that glisten and gleam
To the deserts with beauty and grace
To the storms with hail and snow
To the tropics with intense heat and thunder
To the poles where no one will go
To the waves of the sea
To the sands of the shore
To the rise of the moon
To the fall of the ice
To the grass in the fields
To the forest of trees
To the branches that hold
To the fall of the leaves
To the seasons that change
To the years that go by
To the lives that end
But to the spirits, that never die
To the robins that nest. silently in the trees
To the dogs that bark at night
To foxes that scour the street
To the lazy owl, that sleeps at first light

To every woman, who has bore a child
To every conception, as beautiful as can be
To every innocent, this life is theirs
To every moment, they'll forever be

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 21, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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