Matt Mercer

Everything (Part 2) - Poem by Matt Mercer

To the god above who designed our limbs
To the devil inside who created our sins
To the angels who protect
To the demons who whisper
To the neutral who wait
And to the free, who have yet to choose

To every war, that's ever been fought
To every gun, that's ever been shot
To every innocent, that's ever died
To every politician, who's ever lied

To the menace, with his hand on the button
To the instigator, who plays the life as a game
To the soldiers, who take the blame
To the elite, who scar their name

To the children who cry in vain
To the dreams that they create
To the utopia that never fades
To the hope they call fate

To the love that surrounds us
To the hate that breaks us
To the pain that lasts, created from the start
To the kindness that healed us, from a broken heart

To every though we have
To every disease of the mind
To the depth of emotion
To the misery that we find

To those who fight for freedom, for sexuality and gender
To those who fight for culture and knowledge
And to those with tears slowly streaming down their face
To those who know their rightful place

To the ideas that revolutionise
To the voices that speak
To the crowds that cheer
to the lonely who weep

Abstract or confined
Free or bound
Vision or sound
Life is everything

...and everything is life...

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 21, 2013

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