Adekunle Jimoh

Facing It - Poem by Adekunle Jimoh

A score and seven years ago,
Head was raised,
Face shown,
Realization sauntered in.

'I have come to stay',
The statement made,
Subtly said,
But not an empty threat,
Reiterated everyday.

Melanin quantity,
Gonadal differentiation,
Age number,
Status held;
Not one- a criteria,
None at all,
No sparing.

Largely pecking us in our glee,
Forming an association,
Not the egret-cattle type,
No such friendship.

A relationship of gloom,
Proliferating blight,
Ousting vim,
Slowly yet surely,
Wan-the end product.

What stratagem,
Mimicry of high orders,
Evading our poisons,
Thriving still.

Prayers to ward off,
Offerings to appease,
Aliquots of blends to expunge,
None has sufficed.

But then,
To tame,
Reduce dread,
Belittle to chronic level,
We are enabled- joyfully.

With name eliciting fear,
Cringing-the main stay,
Equation with damnation,
Segregation an ally,
All but none,
Perhaps our greatest undoing.

O ye foe,
Foe of all,
We acknowledge thee,
Respect even we accord,
But fear,
We offer not unto you,
Not anymore.

A clarion call,
To us all,
Our foe is constantly at work,
Shall we then be lax?
Aloof pays no one,
For we are all touch-able.

Silence-No value!
News be spread,
Gongs go ablazing,
That the unborn can be free,
Our blades be strictly ours,
Be friends with the rubber,
Heed this,
& much more,
For this is light,
& It is salvation.

Harry potter times gone,
All names mention-able,
No 'voldermort' here,
Not at all,
In this epoch,
We call all,

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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