Fading Purpose

Have we lost the will to give, our life to God so that He can live,
In our lives each and every day, through all that we do and say?
To be filled with Christ’s Power, to be used every day and hour,
As God’s witness and His light, in a world, where wrong is right.

Have we lost all spiritual prose, about Christ who died and rose,
And is coming back to earth again, this time in view of all men?
Moving beyond the issues of life, to speak up for Jesus Christ,
To be a voice, over the crowd, being gentle, but spiritually loud.

Have we lost all spiritual sense, as He’ll return with recompense,
Returning with vengeance friend, and bring darkness to an end?
Dark leaders saying all is well, with no mind of Heaven and Hell,
Leading masses from God’s Truth, to a place of God’s reproof.

Have believers lost the urgency, to bring up matters of Eternity,
While upon this fleeting earth, concerns are of temporal worth?
Following men who don’t believe, who lie, swindle and deceive,
In this present darkened time, to comply with the devil’s design.

Or have we just lost our purpose, in these times, or even worse,
Could it be what we were told, has the love of most grown cold?
Having not the desire to care, or about Truth, be willing to share,
So they can have true prosperity, not of this world, but eternally.

(Copyright ©07/2009)