Separate From Truth Poem by Bob Gotti

Separate From Truth

If you choose to separate yourself, from God’s Truth of much wealth,
You my friend shall be cut off from, God’s Truths of what is to come;
When you ignore God’s Revelation, you put in danger, your Salvation,
Ignoring The Truths of Jesus Christ, you’ll be cut off from Eternal Life.

God’s Word was revealed to man, to make known God’s Eternal Plan,
The plan which shall affect everyone, when carried out, by God’s Son;
And believers are to share God’s Word, until all of the earth has heard,
Sharing with all, God’s Truth and Love, pointing men to Heaven above.

God’s Eternal Truth is relevant to all, men on the earth, great and small,
Although all may not understand, on God’s Truth alone, we must stand,
It is for His Truth we must contend, when speaking to family and friend,
So that they can too, know His Truth, and avoid God’s Eternal Reproof.

God makes men’s plans of no effect, but sustains the plan of His Elect,
The rebellious the Lord will not exalt, and their dark plans God shall halt,
Only God’s Plan will stand forever, while His Own, He will forsake never,
While ending man’s dark empty ways, sustaining His Own, to His Praise.

All unbelievers must see their need, to see God’s Truth, they must heed,
As the Way is not mine or yours, but, the way of Salvation is The Lord’s,
But, then that choice, is theirs to make, and if The Truth they do forsake,
That separation that they shall see, is from The Lord, through all Eternity.

(Copyright ©06/2010)

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Bob Gotti

Bob Gotti

New Jersey
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