Kathryn Garner

Rookie (May 10,1991)

Fairy Tale

Poem by Kathryn Garner

This is the end I would rather claim
Never setting foot in a maze
Ignore the epiphany of the rain
To a part we never thought a phase

Chased by nightmares
We scream when our skeletons wake
Yet we cant dare
To glance at the stalked path
To which they partake

Darling demon,
I scream as the torrents climb
Darling demonic,
As past steals me from my mind
The past I believed to be left behind

So exotic, as the vines choke your veins
So erotic, as their venom replaces pains
And pangs
Of memory
Darling remember me,
Charging to the castle door
The entrance barred
You cant love me anymore

And you cry,
And I try to climb these walls
Trying to run to you
And away from
All my demising downfalls

You are your own captor
In a fairy tale trapping you in lines
And our next chapter
Is through the sieve and out of time

You weep and claim
Oh I loved you ever more
As I cringe there
Below your castle door

The dragons are burning me alive
All you can do is weep
Didn’t you know I’m your resurrection
Beauty? For you’ve been asleep
Through life and maze
Through every page
You’ve only said your lines
You never believed
Never cared,
That midnight tolled the time

These things happen in fairy tales
But this aint just a fairy tales dear
Your locked in chambers and jails
Oh, yes we are our greatest fears

The dragons burn me to ashes
As all our time passes
Smoldering to ashes
Till all I am is ashes

And as the frauds fade
With all the time
And we try to save
Ourselves for the final line
Yes, I love you
As I take your hand
And then a tragic downfall
Readers cant understand
Bid me farewell
For you were so very late
I fought for a fairy tale
Which in depth entwines my fate

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