Ashley Genocide

Rookie (León - Spain)

Falling In Love After Death - Poem by Ashley Genocide

how could this happen?
how could how could
possibilities were over at this point
i thought anything could happen. less this

how could how could
falling in love after death
how could?

love never existed between us at all
you never loved me, i never loved you
i guess

but now after all this time
after we broke
after each one go to his own side
after so many time
i feel it
i feel something i didnt feel for so many years
i'm in love
in love for someone i had
someone i let walk away
like when you catch a butterfly
you can have it for ever, or you can set it free

after death,
after the funeral,
after our relationship being buried on a nameless grave
after everything 25
i falled in love

i never thought that much about you
now escaping from your ghost silhouette seems impossible
the picture of you is haunting me everyday
i smeel your perfume on the avenue
i think i see you sitting on that garden waiting for me
'hey i'm back, i realised i can't live without you'
tears falling from my eyes, walking through my cheeks, falling on the floor
that doens't mean anything
just a memory
an illusion

my dreams have being full of joy
but they are becoming awfull nightmares
cos all i dream about is you
and we have always a happy ending 40
but it's just a dream
a stupid dream that won't become true ever

thinking about you is my disaster
dreaming is my morphine

how could how could
how could i fall in love with you

i wish yesterday was today
i wish our past were the present
i wish i wish... just wishes
wishes rarely become true
and my will won't become real

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 6, 2010

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