Adrienne Childs

Rookie (June 13th 1997 / Portland Maine)

Falling In Love With You Again - Poem by Adrienne Childs

Now and then everything seems so perfect
Life seems to set you free as you let go of all your misery
The tears you cry it is okay to leave behind all the pain
and yet there is much to gain as you dream of everything
and yet as you go on you feel like giving up on yourself
and you hope she understands what goes on in your head
Whats right and wrong how you have to display your love in this song

I will love you like there is no tomorrow hug you and never let go I will show you everything and words will go to show

Today will be the day I will fall in love with you over and over again nothing will change the way I feel and you know just like I do the way I feel don't give up on us don't give up on the way you feel don't give up on me I will show you what we are meant to be

Hand in Hand time after time over and over again singing this line I love you more then you know and everyday I will go out of my way to show you the love I have and nothing will change it the love I have no one can take it I love you till the day you die I love you till the moon falls from the sky and I love you more then you will ever know and I love you more then my words can go to show

Everything we had can never be replace but who's to say my feeling for you will ever be erased nothing will ever change the way I feel about you you need to know just how I feel and little do you know this love is real there is nothing in this world that can ever replace what we had no one will ever take your place I will love you till the day you die I will go with you up to the sky and I will be your leader your angel to as long as you let me love you

Not a single word not a single sound can change the way my world goes round not a single movement not a single sound can change the way my world goes round all the feeling I have felt for you everything you wanted me too and yet something inside of me tells me to let go and set you free but I don't want to I can't move on all that I feel for you will never go away I won't let you go not even a single word can tell you the way I feel for you and let you know I love you too

Little do you know I'm standing here folding my hands in prayer begging God to set me free guide me out of my misery everything I did I did for you and everything I said I said for you and yet I realized what I did was wrong the way I treated you was so wrong and now I know I can't take it back all I can say is I'm sorry for that and hope that you forgive me and lets us just start free everything I've hoped for will come true because I will never stop loving you and I hope you know not a word can tell not a picture can show the way I feel for you I will never ever let you go

everything we have gone through together me and you I know you are the one for me not even all the words on earth can tell you how I feel and every time I try to tell you I run out of words as though my mind goes blank and only time will tell one day we will be together on that we can dwell you are like my little star I hold in my pocket you are like that great big balloon but when the wind pops it nothing ever goes away every single word I say it how I feel about you but I try to find a way a way to tell you

You are that shinning star bright up in the sky you are like the great big moon wanted to shine your light on me soon you are like the big bright sun the shines the way everything I say can't be said any other way I love you to death and nothing is every going to change the way you make me feel the butterflies you give me deep inside my sole where all my feelings can be held yet the feelings for you they creep on out like a monster in that shadows a monster who is friendly and funny and will love you till the end of time who will be right here by your side I am that monster who loves you to death

Nothing you do can change the way I feel about you and nothing you say will ever take away my love for you you are the only one I can wish for the one I dream about the one who I can talk to the one I brag about the one who I love more then just a friend the one who I will love in till the very end the girl who completes me and everything I feel the girl who I love and this love is real nothing that you say can change the way I feel

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is To Chelasey as a way for me to tell her how I really feel about her I have felt like I had to hold all my feelings back but now I know I can set all my feelings free and try to tell her how I feel I love you to death and I want to be the one to hold you in my arms again and to wipe your tears away I will be right by your side each and every day I'm glad you came I love you and that will never change

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