Natalia Hester

Falling World - Poem by Natalia Hester

Waves crash down, as your life, is being destroyed
All you knew, all what they said, was a lie, all your dreams all your hopes are lost
You thought you were going to die, because everything is not right
You feel as if the world is falling down as you are a weight to the world
Death came before your eyes, as the sadness filled your face with tears
You’re watching as the world falls down beneath your feet
You’re crying and crying like the wailing storm hitting the tides of the sea
Nothings right you feel alone like you’re the only one
Asking your self can anyone save me from this nightmare? No one can
You’re falling and falling off the edge of the world, you were pushed by the one you love
Screaming and screaming for help but no one can save you it’s too late your gone
You thought everything would be ok but it’s not
You see them fighting you want it to stop you yell and yell until you realize they will never stop
So you run you ran far away hoping they would come after you and find you
What has happened? Why did this happen?
You’re falling to pieces hoping someone will put them back together
What if they can’t? What will happen to me? Where will I go?
Your life has ended with sadness; the only one you can blame is them
You only wanted them to stop fighting; they didn’t listen until you were gone
You fall and fall until the world stops
Crack of dawn and the world has fallen taking you with it
The pain in your heart hurts, it can’t be healed
No words can be spoken, only the tears on your face
Sadness, loss, broken, the words that complete your life
You’re falling and falling, Will anyone save me?
Life is gone all that’s left is a broken world
Why did they do this to me? Why didn’t they stop?

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 6, 2011

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