Fantasy World Poem by Victoria Hardy

Fantasy World

She belonged to a fantasy world
Surrounded by misty mornings
In a far away land
With everlasting greens

The yellow, the violet blue and the rosie tree
All stood side by side
But all the world plainly saw
How her heart had shone

Her pride flourished in sunlight
And let no man steal her honour
Since that one time she lost a heart
In captivating lips

Refusing; action, desire, love
Welcoming nothing but dreams.
For when she lived in a fantasy world
She shall call the gleams.

Through silence, nature, endless skies she lived
in a fantasy world of no man
Stealing her time; befriending nothing
but multi-shaped dreams

Misty air of the twilight
Kept watching over her bright soul
And should the the sky ever be filled
With flames; she burnt yet,
Kept going ever-more.

Songs sung by the evil left behind even if
she did love once again
Desolation came upon the sky
Freezing the hollow.

She got close to a flame but watched
them froze side by side;
Then came desolation upon the sky
She saw fire bare and unattainable with shadows of dark skies.

Lived in her very own fantasy world
By the mountain side and
In the excessive shape of her own heart
Fit for the other-worldly.

She refused traces of past
When her love slided from her hands,
She lived in a fantasy world
Although shadows and smoke
Burned and climbed within her soul
On and on.

Sunday, April 14, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy,fire,heart,heartbroken,love,missing,misty,mountain,nature,dream
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