Far Away

Far away.
Far away without you.
I can’t touch your golden hair,
I can’t see your blue eyes,
I can’t feel your beautiful words.
Oh, what will I do without you?
What ought I to do when I am not going to see you anymore?
I don’t want it to end.
Oh please, oh please, don’t make it end!
Don’t make it stop! I need you.
You’re mu drug, my heroin, whom I love and hate at the same time.
My beautiful addiction.
Your eyes are like another world
So many things to explore,
So many mysteries and histories hidden inside.
Why don’t you show yourself to me?
Why don’t you uncover?
Why can’t I see past them?
And right into your soul?
Oh why are you such an enigma?

Would you be happy when you see me?
Would you even care?
Would I ever be the same without you?
And can I even bare?
Can I even bare to not see you again?
If you just happen to leave tonight?
Can I even survive without those eyes?

Oh those eyes...
They can tell so many different stories and fables
Those eyes deserve to have a person like you
Wish I had those eyes...
They are...absolutely amazing.
As you are too.

Your smile always cheers me up when I’m down
Your smile always reaches for the best in me
For my deepest hidden emotions and fears.
She is like the nectar of the gods,
You can never have enough.
And the words you say,
So powerful and true
So cynical and cruel
But that’s what I like about you!

Unfortunately you cannot know what I feel, never.
I cannot tell you
I must only continue going my way
And look back occasionally to remember old faces and feelings.
To remember you.
To remember your smile, your hair, your eyes...to remember your face.
And then I’ll be complete again.
Then I’ll be myself,
When I’ll think of you.