Fashion-New: Iraq After War And Invasion Poem by Wasan H Ibrahim

Fashion-New: Iraq After War And Invasion

My country is changing for new
Everything is modern in saturation and hue
Red and black for blood and blow
Guns are the new-children-game instead of seesaw
Fire is thrown on people instead of balls of sweet and snow
Harsh are the words, harsh is the blow
Death is the General, death is the Maestro
He scythes millions of souls and everyone must bow
People are numbers, names no more
Peace lullaby is hushed down to the orchestra of woe
The old is kicked out and a red carpet to deploy
New starring characters and actors in a new show
One says, 'Yes, ' another says, 'No.'
If right is lost, this is not a considerable issue
This is the deaf democracy, long live Demo
Highly-separating walls are wedged and strangers to and fro
For independency is a flag, freedom is a motto
Values are shut down and dishonesty to grow
Every sectarian group paddles only its canoe
Long live the new crew, long live the new crew
For all the above or below
The International family decides to bestow
The new actors a World prize for
Their killing, corrupting and destructive endeavor
And the Oscar shall go
To the great Iraqi film 'The Inferno.'
The actors are scrambling up the stage, humanity nudes
And every empty-minded admires the new fashion and applauds.

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: war
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