- Fashion Soldier - Poem by Dmitriy Kokarev

- Fashion Soldier -

Rating: 2.7

So softly you apply your mask
Your lipstick, pencil and your brush
How holy seems the dress
Such price could not be but divine
You strap on the heels of pride
And clip on the jewels
You lace your neck with silk
You tighten the leather round your waist
What’s left? Oh yes the weapon
Marc Jacobs’ purse seems heavy right?
Ammunition in it weighs it down!
The Prada shades that block the envy
The Gucci wallet of safe sex
An imitation of Christ gloves
Armani scarf to cover up the age
Along with Donna Karen’s watch to stay on track
You can’t afford to spend your time
Well every second has its price
What else is there behind this soldier on the field?
The Valentino jacket fits just right
Along with YSL blouse and D&G denim
Who ever said this war was easy?
Before you hit the battlefield
You smoothly play the film inside your head
Oh yes, off course
How could you forget the Channel keychain
No soldier can survive without their fancy tank
The Fendi bag of extra outfits can’t look good in just a car
Without the Bentley logo, it just won’t work
Well now it seems that you are ready
To strike and conquer
The hearts and lives of all the enemies ahead
But what is it that slowly makes its way down your cheek?
Have you finally come down to your senses?
And see that all these tags won’t make you happy
That the innocence you sold will not be in next season
And that the one who couldn’t win it
Lost it to the one who bought it with his card!
So are you sick of hiding behind the vanity
Behind the pretense and betrayal
Sick of covering your wounds
And powdering your scabs
Hoping that no one sees
What’s hidden behind your glittered eye
Now wait a second
The Prada shades are slowly making their way off
And well…
How silly of me?
It’s just the MAC eyeliner
And the heavy tone of powder
Have somehow managed to get in your eye
The soldier never goes down easy
She’ll never step down from the cloud
Would you? She asks with sarcasm and a smirk
Would I? I wonder…?

Fashion 29 August 2021


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Dmitriy Kokarev

Dmitriy Kokarev

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