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A flower grew out of the ground
A tiny flower from the dirt
A tiny living soul from underground
A baby crawling from the dirt

A paper soul
An empty hole
Left out in the pouring rain
Now soaked

Good morning Sun,
How many miseries took place at your rise?
How many mothers wept?
How many children lost their innocence?

Could it be true?
Was she the tormented one that stole the night?
Was she the evil of which we dare not speak?
The soul that cursed the men of yore

The seed has been planted
Inside the earth the seed will grow
At the instance of the sow
The spirit has been awaken

You cannot proceed with what you never started
You cannot be the king of someone else’s throne
Nor claim to have the answers to all and everything they’ll ever ask
So what makes you shine brighter then the rest?

As if a gentle breeze
Her sense flew in
Her hair glowing in the moonlight
As she fairly stepped inside

Why cover up ourselves in our own lies
We fill the air with guilty smoke
If only I could print her portrait in my heart
And leave behind my cigarettes

Pour me another glass of something
Something that will help me to forget
Give me another bite of something
Something that will numb the pain

A lake where many faced their deaths
A lake of wisdom, sorrow and of hate
A lake into which she stepped
Taking control of her own fate

I wasn’t careful
Reckless and at times forgetful
Childish and playful
Careless and at most times’ hopeful

Beneath the stars I lay you down
And weep beside you on my knees
What use is me being a clown
When our love slowly flees

Let us for a second try to hide
Behind the curtains of this gloomy night
Let us pretend that what we have is wide
And not end all of it with just another fight

A little creature of the night
You hide behind the shadows of despair.
You weep and hope to see the light.
You hold onto the abstract, is it fair?

So softly you apply your mask
Your lipstick, pencil and your brush
How holy seems the dress
Such price could not be but divine

He came to her, yet she did not believe in what she saw
Dare I say he did no want to frighten her
She had no life but one they for her wrote
Still she remained a mime

You locked me underground
And walked away real fast
A prisoner of my own heart
I never thought such pain exists

His mommy wasn’t pretty
His daddy used to beat her
His daddy had disfigured her
His mommy wouldn’t leave his daddy

There was deep sorrow in his eyes
He looked at me and said
-We tried it all; I speak no lies
The baby was born dead

The air tonight does not feel right to me
I’m waiting at the door for you
Something inside me doesn’t feel right
All this rain tonight is scaring me to death

Dmitriy Kokarev Biography

I am a 22 years old and since i can remember i have been fascinated with poems and the power that they hold. I remember as a child reading poems, even though there were many that i did not understand back then, there was something there that captured me whole. I guess its this love for the written word that led me to where i am now, a student in the Faculty of Humanities at the Notre Dame University, studying English Literature, hoping to one day become known. My style of writting i would personally describe as a free verse and the themes are more or less dark and striking. I view the world around me as a slowly sinking ship, and everyone simply a patient at the hospital waiting for their turn to have the lethal injection. Im not a pessimist, but i guess there were many things in my childhood which simply gave birth to a lot of dark imagery and hate, and this is reflected in my work. There are days when the world turns and i see the light, somewhat making the day clearer and the clouds part, yet the night is just around the corner and the gloom is there. Much of my work is inspired by books i have read, movies i have seen or the music that i have heard. There are also poems which are written based on the events that i have lived through. I hope you like what i have to offer and all commentary is most welcome and appreciated.)

The Best Poem Of Dmitriy Kokarev

- A Little Flower -

A flower grew out of the ground
A tiny flower from the dirt
A tiny living soul from underground
A baby crawling from the dirt
A little innocence of wild color
A tiny spark of hope
A tiny pleasure free of charge
A flower that i called my own
A little baby ran towards it
A tiny flower crushed beneath the feet
A little human innocence
A little bliss destroyed by ignorance
A little flower dead on the ground
A little baby jumping up and down
And only me from my own window, witnessed the death of my own flower beneath the feet of blissful child without idea of his first crime...

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Estelle Gilson 24 May 2019

Were these poems written in English or were they translated? If so, by whom? Thanks,

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Greenwolfe 1962 20 April 2008

Dmitriy is one of the great talents in the world of poetry. I forsee great things ahead. From my first encounter with his work till now, his ability to translate his thoughts and feelings into poetry has never faltered. This is because his execution is equal to his thoughts. And his understanding is equal to his vision. Greenwolfe 1962

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