montana hohensee

Rookie (6/3/1993 / ohmaha NE)

Fates Game - Poem by montana hohensee

they say
'everything happens for a reason'
maybe that's a lie
maybe that's fake
a way to cope
a way to run
they only say it when failure happens
they only say it when destruction come apparent
to apparent to hold
to bear witness
as you elude the defeat with a saying
as if the defeat
the failure
the destruction
all had some preliminary meaning destined to happen
destined to change you in some pattern
molding you
changing you
but if you didn't fail
but if you weren't destroyed
but if you weren't defeated.
would you still insist
'everything happens for a reason'
that your destination is set in stone
set forever
they call this
but what if its your 'fate'
to fail
to be destroyed
to be defeated
would you still insist
'everything happens for a reason'?
comforting your sorrow
in a padding as thin as ice
but as unforgiving as concrete
if you realize that you came to this world
took this breath of life
took a step of trust
took a stand against the current
only to fall
only to be defeated
only to be destroyed.
such being your fate.
would you accept it?
though its in your presence
as its a brick wall in front of you
because we all have a finite number of beats
a finite number of steps
and we all come into this world
all destined
to fail
to be destroyed
to be defeated.
and we question it
we question it
till the people standing above you
they stand and question you
question whether your time it up
you must accept it.
for it is your 'fate'
everything happens for a reason
maybe it happens to bring you closer to the end
closer and closer
fate is funny
its irony bleeds across the walls of every room
but they also say
'when you die, you will meet the person you could have become'

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