montana hohensee

Rookie (6/3/1993 / ohmaha NE)

Fallen Marine - Poem by montana hohensee

he just turned 17
eager to join the military he rushed his chance
no ropes
no chains could hold him back
he was a leader
he was a scholar
he waved his last goodbyes to his parents
his parents he loved
the parents he adored
he never forgot his mom
and his girlfriend that he was so yearning to hold
a kiss a hug
then he was off
off to a land unknown to his mind
a land unknown to his body
cold harsh land
he jumped off the bus first
eager to be trained
eager to be disciplined
he was trained
trained to be a killer
a killer
a savior
a helper
a lover
and a marine
he hasn't gotten a phone call in months from his family
oh how he missed his family
oh how he missed his love
but he knew they loved him back
he kept a picture of them in his upper right pocket
kissing it every night
praising the lord he is still alive
he heard the news
he knew it was time
he grabbed every thing
he suited up
not knowing what lies ahead but still eager
he does not know the land he is traveling to
but when he lands
he feels welcomed into the family
his fellow soldiers litter the airport
he does not know where he is at
he was told not to ask questions
a month later he was fighting
fighting with all the anger and will in him
he was hit in the leg
he was hit in the arm
fell the soldier
but not broken
he stepped up to death and looked him in the eyes and said
''my work is not done here
there are lives to save here
this is not going to end here''
he breathed heavy
his chest was pumping his legs were thumping
on the hard sand floor
he knew his time was almost up
as fired his last bullet
as he spent his last breathe
he fell
he fell hard
but not dead oh no
he spotted death looking on him
over the smoke he saw death riding on his stead
but he wanted to give his last good bye
to his love
he knew he would not return
he knew the price
he pulled out the picture from his pocket
he gave it a loving kiss
the last one he will ever give
but he made it long
but as death neared
he prayed to the lord and to his family
''goodbye he said''
the last goodbye he said
and the last goodbye he will ever say
for now he is gone
gone forever
but he will be remembered
as a marine
a marine that has fallen
to protect his family and his love

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