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Fathers Of Disastrous - Poem by Ajala Samuel Akindele

Fathers of disastrous;
are crueless father of evil,
who live in the globe,
and destroy the light.
They are heartless,
and maiden rogues,
They are deceitful,
and cruelling bundles.
They destabilize,
the young one’s future,
and look no back.

Fathers of disatrous’
They kindle the fire,
and off the light.
They are unmerciful,
and live long.
They humiliate,
the poor ones,
and live happily
They are scallywags,
They are destructive.

Fathers of disastrous;
They spend their
life laughing sarcastically,
and killing their own life.

Fathers of disastrous;
They do things lavishly,
They embezzle money
meant for building souls.

Fathers of disastrous;
Their family live in,
water and they reside
in the soil.
They are heartless
like Lucifer
They are beatless
like goliath
They imperialize the life,
of the generations
and be amazed.

Fathers of disastrous;
They live long on earth
They are amazing.
Serve the lord with,
your whole heart,
your words says so
I do the lord.

Fathers of disastrous;
They implore on the future
of the youngs and,
destroy their future
unaware that it theirs.

Fathers of disastrous;
They never thought
They laugh first,
and cry last!

Fathers of disastrous;
They are imperfect, imperceptible
and work constantly
and meet their heart warrant.

Fathers of disastrous;
They are hilarious,
They are deceitful,
They are segregating,
They are oppressive,
They are ‘err’.

Fathers of disastrous;
They brutalize the future,
of the young one’s
And live happily.

Fathers of disastrous;
They are incubus?
They are indeed
They are indefensible?
They are indeed.

Fathers of disastrous;
They laugh in the morning,
and cryin the night.
They are disastrous,
They are condominium,
They lie, they evacuate,
and they are horny.

Fathers of disastrous;
They dance to the drum
They live to the life of the death,
They are bitter sweet
They are the father
of the spirit.
They are ingrate,
They incubate.

Fathers of disastrous;
They lie,
They die,
They tie,
They sight.

Fathers of disastrous;
They are humiliating,
They are humorous,
They brutalize,
They segregate,
They disseminate,
They oppressed.

Fathers of disastrous;
They will never come,
home till dawn.
They are oligarch,
in the night and down
in themorning day.

Fathers of disastrous
They are old ages,
They come forth
Their ologies knowing,
nothing about life.

Fathers of disastrous;
It quite disastrous,
They exculpate sabbaticallty,
They are saccharin,
They are sachet of
primordial impulses.
They sky themselves
like pricky pear
They are callous,
They are prince of immortal

Fathers of disastrous;
They are satanic,
They are sates
They are saturines
They are Goats!
Prevent your dear life
Fathers of disastrous;
They are sacristy
They called their day
Sacro-sanct, God?
Fathers of disastrous;
Are sabotage
They are sabre-rattling,
The saboteur of death.

Fathers of disastrous;
The fathers of disastrous,
The burning evils,
They are devils,
They are giants,
My father! My God! ! !
Help me Lord?
I wonder why?

Poet's Notes about The Poem

the poem is OF 21 stanzas and it dedicated to african leaders.

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