Wilfred Mellers

Veteran Poet - 1,784 Points (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Fight The Good Fight - Poem by Wilfred Mellers

Pagans came to subjugate us with fables from their story books
Corrupt the mind of the innocent ones
Enslaved and took us to foreign lands
They took most of us abroad
They dropped some of us a yard
They said they saved us from a mundane life
Righteous people have to fight the good fight

So be though as it may
You can't break the sanctified spirit
For God will help us on our way
So stand firm and fight the good fight

They claimed that they're superior and the rest of us inferior
They sailed the seven seas
They spread their lies, sickness, and disease
They tried to handcuff our brains with their drug
Told us lies of their God above
The Holy Spirit has revealed himself to us
So go ahead with your evil lies

Removed the shackles but the scars stayed
Shot down and died where we laid
Gang violence blood washes the streets
Some go to bed with nothing to eat
One step forward two steps back we've strived
No longer royalty for loss of pride
Economic enslavement has been left for us
Gone tomorrow from dawn till dust

So be though as it may
You can't break God's people spirit
Arm in arm on our holy crusade
Engaged in battle for our survival
So be though as it may
You can't break the sanctified spirit
The holy redeemer will help you on our way
So stand firm against the on slot of the missives'

All in all, we're all one blood
Blessed by one God that dwells above
It matters not where you came but where you're going
The fruit of intellect most are starving
Battle scared people full of dissolutions
Full-time we start to make the right decisions
A fool knows not that we're in the same pot
The idiot knows not what he's got
Closed eyes, closed heart from the truth
Closed mind so blindly he shoots
Dehumanized so it becomes easier to kill
Gangsters huddle to do the will
Hooded clothing to hide their shame
Demanding we go back from where we came
Force exodus he just does not relate
Spewing his words of pure hate

For the fool now thinks he knows it all
Poisoned by their desire for his alcohol
Now he lives his life of vanity
Gone now are the days of his morality
The minorities now kicked to the curve
Oppressor man says that is what they deserve

Blessed child of the sun
Wonders aimlessly in captivity
Brought to a place he feels he doesn't belong
Kept under a thumb spirit no longer rises
Hopeless sinner strives for the better days
White picket fence no longer made
Trod the trodden on desolate shores
No longer the flag of pride flying no more
Walk we walk speaking a tongue, not of his own
Broken language we speak; we're nothing more than shadows
We hear no more the sweet songs of the sparrows

So be though as it may
Don't let them break the sanctified spirit
For God will help us on our way
So stand firm and fight the good fight
Fight the good fight

Topic(s) of this poem: political

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