Wilfred Mellers Poems

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Transformation Extraordinaire

For this I know, it was not so long ago I met a captivating butterfly
On its journey by and by perched this butterfly on my windowsill
Beautiful the butterfly to my eye brought a tear I dry
Every waking moment I tried to spend with my friend the butterfly for which I had fallen

How I Love Your Voice

How I love to hear you speak and call my name
The way your lips, tongue, and mouth forms letters and words
Those sensual overtones that utter sweet sounds that resonate in my ears
How I love to hear you speak

I Dream

dream of a better world where as people would see each other nothing more than people of a different shade of gray
I dream of all my problems crumbling in my hands never to utter another sound
I dream of love renewed no more forsaken the day of my fulfillment
I dream of blues skies and flowers lying in a field of hope and no more despair

"I Think Of You"

Wilfred C. Mellers April 3,2002
Reprised Wednesday, March 26,2008

For every time I close my eyes I think of you

Ode To Your Ghetto Booty

I need no eyeglasses to see what you got in your trunk
Lord have mercy! A big beautiful badonkadonk
The way you shake it so bootylicious
More bounce to the ounce and so damned delicious

What Is A Friend?

True friends will never let each other down
True friends will tell each other when they are right or wrong
True friends listen to their problems without casting judgment
True friends are never afraid to tell you like it is

Requiem To Broken Dreams (Love Thrown Away)

I sit now and write you this letter
For I feel I deserved better
Is it that you couldn't face the day
Is it why you throw my love away

Simple Turths

If you spit into the sky it will fall into your eye
Can't achieve if you don't try
Sad are all goodbyes
Everyone lies

Beautiful Eyes

As I gaze deeply into your eyes I cry
Your eyes so stunning for those I would die
Just a simple look back would send me heaven bound
Words need not be said nor the utterance of any sound

Say Hello

Say Hello
Written by; Wilfred Mellers,7 June 2015

You can see without seeing

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