Kelsey Martinson

Fighting For Your Freedom - Poem by Kelsey Martinson

I wish I could watch you grow
Baby girl
But I'm afraid I'm stuck
On the other side of the world
Fighting for you
To keep you safe
Protecting you
Not willing to lose

I hear you talked today
Uttered your first word
I'm so proud of you
My tiny baby girl
Wish I was there
To hear you say
But I can't leave here
Not yet
I'm still doing my duty
To protect

They say that today
You rode your first bike
Did it all on your own
Mom said you held the handles
Pushed off and drove
I can't believe
I wasn't there to see
I never thought
That it was a possibility
That I wouldn't be there
For your very first time
Riding a bike
But I'm still here
Even if you can't see
Fighting for you
To remain free

Ten years have passed
Flew by too fast
Mom says you're a spitting image
Of me
I ache to see you
To watch you grow up
But my duty calls me
So I'm afraid I'm stuck

Your first day of high school
Is it here already?
Seemed like just yesterday
You were calling me 'Daddy'
My baby girl
Don't forget
About your old man
Call me twice a day
Three if you can
I miss your voice
Hearing your laugh
Help me remember
Why I'm still here
And not over there

You tell me there's a boy
Who now stands in the picture
Tell me he's nice
And would never think
Of hurting you
All I can say
Is he better not
Because even the mere thought
Has my hand twitch
Towards my gun
I listen as you go on
About life and school
I wish I was there
Please never forget
Baby girl
How much I care

I wish I was there
By your side
Holding you close
Wiping your eyes
Your first heartbreak
Has you in tears
Why am I here
Instead of there?
It's so hard sometimes
To keep fighting this war
When I want to walk away
To hold you in my arms

My dear baby girl
You have grown so fast
Tears fill my eyes
As graduation
I'm so sorry
I couldn't make it
But there was an emergency here
And I just couldn't shake it
I know I haven't been there
As much as you want
But just know that I love you
I hope you love me too

Finally, I come home
Away from the war
Tears fall from my face
As you stumble out the door
Then eagerly race
You jump in my arms
Squealing with glee
You hug me so tight
It hurts to breath
You have your mothers eyes
Such a deep blue
And my strong chin
Could it truly be you?
You are so big
Grown up and old
Beautiful baby girl
What happened?
How long have I been gone?
Could I really have been fighting for so long?

It is my turn
To watch you leave
College ambition
And hopeful dreams
Mom cries in my arms
I feel pretty dazed
Can this be?
You were so small
So fragile and weak
You were just a baby
It seems like last week
Now you turn to go
Disappearing from sight
And I realize
That my baby girl
Is a baby no more

I fought for your freedom
Defended this nation
I will never regret that
What I will regret
Is the time that has passed
Like a ticking clock
About to chime
I hope that you know
Remember why
I had to be absent
For most of your life
But looking back now
It blurred on by
In the blink of an eye
You will always be
My little baby girl

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is for all of the soldiers who have given up their time for me and every other American out there. I cannot thank you enough for your devotion for your country.
And a special thanks to those who have given their lives for us. You will never be forgotten.
~Happy Memorial Day~

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