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Flaws Of A Flower - Poem by Aminath Neena

With the first buds of late March
As two blossoms we branch
On a day of glorious spring
One a fragrant blue hyacinth
While the other a striking daffodil
Both were nurtured and cared well
Growing in separate exotic gardens
Bound by royal ties in two castles
And one memorable day I asked her
"What do you wish for in your prayer? "
"I wish I had a sister like you" she replied
I kept quiet as then my tongue was tied

During summer we grew up together
As vibrant shadows of each other
Identical twins in some ways
But with two different shades
I resembled the quiet mouse
While she craved for applause
She took pride in glitter and fame
While I preferred simple game
And one memorable day I asked her
"What do you wish for in your prayer? "
"I wish I get a boy like you for my husband"
I kept quiet as my heart portrayed the same sentiment
Time flew past us like a swift falcon
The foliage changed into golden brown
We were both ripe and ready for harvesting
Even then she was more open and inviting
While I was cautious with the buzzing
Waiting faithfully for my prince charming
When she was joined with her love in matrimony
My heart sang for her as a cricket in symphony
And one memorable day I asked her
"What do you wish for, in your prayer? "
"I wish I get a little girl like you for my daughter"
I kept quiet as my thoughts, then were in a shatter

With the migration of birds to the south
Came the signs of the cold winter at north
We had gone through so much in life together
Inhaling tears of joy and sorrow from each other
Even though we too had some dark stormy days
The sun always shown in the end with brighter rays
Now she is about to give new life on this planet soon
We chattered endlessly in our garden over a full moon
On the eve of "friendship day "this year, I asked her
"What do you wish for, in your prayer? "
Watching the twinkling stars glimmer far away

She sighed, "Oh I have no more wishes now at bay……

"But I wish God will create me as a man
"When I die one day and go to heaven"
"Why would you want that for? I asked
"Oh, maybe so that I can marry you" she replied
But what if I decline the offer as I would want my prince
To have that honour on that special day of all sense
"Don't worry, I can always have your clone", She replied
"So that I can remove the seed of envy deep in my heart"
"I had always been envious of your brains and beauty"
"For you had always shone brighter right next to me"
Frozen, I stared at her deeply shocked and in chaos
For she had just reflected my secret

I too had my flaws.

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