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The Wicked Witch

The wicked witch of the east
Belched after devouring the feast
Her face painted in white rouge
She searched for some crimson blood

Way To My Tree House

I have a tree house way down in my garden
with hanging efflorescence vines
in them, scented roses of effulgent hue blossom
their delicate petals mimicking a luscious autumn

No Life

Where there is no respect
for the might
of the pen,
there is no life

Light A Candle

You, light a candle in your heart

Fill your soul with the brightness of its entourage
Let not this world be a selfish mirage

You And I

You and I
We are fragments
Of a masterpiece
This you cannot deny

Aminath Neena Quotes

05 May 2017

Nothing is everlasting in this temporary world. Your money, your position, your power, your family, your health; all of which are temporal and may be taken from you anytime. So, be kind. Be humble and do good.

17 March 2018

Failure is the corner stone of success. It is the beacon of light that guides you back on track. So never give up! Take failure as a lesson and an instruction manual to skillfully plan and develop on the next venture.

23 April 2018

Whenever I reflect and contemplate upon life, I am in awe of God's perfect timing in all aspects; how he brings situations and people to correspond at the perfect time, on the perfect path, alongside the perfect road, so that events that collaborate with these significant timings can unfold gradually like that of the petals of a rose blooming one by one with utmost accuracy and grace. Should there be a second of miscalculation, everything could be detrimental in an instant and the symmetry could very well crumble into pieces causing utter chaos. And, at these times, when I ponder alongside these lines, my eyes brim with tears as I begin to understand God's love for his creation. Indeed, God's mercy is infinitely greater than the burden of our sins. And yet, we become impatient and complain? How ungrateful can we be?

23 April 2018

If you want to feel good, just help a person in need; even a simple act of kindness on your part will brighten up the whole day for you, providing that, your objective was not to gain any material benefit or appreciation from anyone but for the sake of God only.

23 April 2018

Writing can never be superficial because it is not only about having a good command of language but it runs much deeper than that.Good writers are able to connect with their readers so much so, that every time someone reads a piece of their writing, whether it is poetry, prose or just an opinion; the reader is convinced that the writer is exposing part of their own soul to them. Such is the alchemy of writing

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Prisana Nuechterlein 21 April 2016

Beautiful words. Hope to meet you one day. Prisana

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Ahmed Abomahfouz 09 April 2014

feminine sense, strong emotions, and creative ideas within the poems showing mature ideology and great personality

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p.a. noushad 16 January 2010

nice presentation, very good

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Rafique Farooqi 20 September 2009

Aminath is tender hearted and highly skilled writer.Maldevian poetry, is wonderful, and Aminath is one bright addition.,

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I was born in Male', Rep. Of. Maldives. It
is an island nation in the vast Indian Ocean. Currently, I work as a lecturer at 'The Maldives National University'. I started writing poems during the course of a rough patch in my life just to let out my frustration and to be sane in an insane world.Since then, writing poems, has become a hobby.

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