Fled From Place Poem by Omar Ahmed

Fled From Place

what is it like
a little kid whose age
is four fleeing
from one place
to another

it is being a long ride
walking barefooted
on the streets with my family
where bullets keep
flowing like a water in a river

knowing not what is happening
around the city
everywhere I looked
I got scared
cause I saw only a gunman
standing in front of me like a tree

I cried cried cried emotionally
cause I saw dead bodies
on the streets including little kids
who like me didn't do anything
to the gunman

I asked my self
what these kids did
to get killed brutally
in the streets

no response in my mind
still those memories stack
in my brian like a glue

but one day these people
will understand their mistakes
what they done to innoncent
children who were laid in nstreets
like peels of bananas

making me flee from my hometown
to strange places where
everything is different to me
yet they wont agree on any
peace to make me forget my memories
but I believe in Allah(God)
our almighty greator to change
what is happenning in my hometown

Lare Austin 22 March 2005

Hi Omar...this is so very powerful...and so very well composed...written...you truly have a wonderful gift in writing...and messages for the world to read...you have a great gift... Lare

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