For Gordon Lightfoot Poem by Lamont Palmer

For Gordon Lightfoot

Rating: 5.0

Out there in the dire hinterlands,
a vastness ebvelopes tropes of yesterday,
that will never be held again.

This wildness is not derivative; its real,
winding through a caligraphy of rocks,
like patterns placed with color in mind.

Urgencies of dryness causes the rain to
behave as unknowing saviors, bringing
to the surface all probable memories

that can be conjured or curated. Rivers,
rising to loud salutations, deny
they are the true obstacle courses, the true

trails sought only by the self-contained.
None of this is dispositive of
inner fights; the inside and outside of life.

Tha canoe you navigate skirts the currents,
like lyrics against the ravages of
unformed tastes; not so anodyne deceits.

A presense will remain. The impact, unforced.
Dipped into the Nahanni, our eyesights
are cleansed by a fresh rush of purity.

Richard Wlodarski 02 June 2023

2) Lamont, this is truly an outstanding tribute to a legend. Gordon would be proud! Poet Palmer, Heartiest of Congratulations on a very well deserved Poem Of The Day!

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Richard Wlodarski 02 June 2023

As a huge Gordon Lightfoot fan, I can fully appreciate your labour of love. It's heartwarming to witness the love, thought and creativity that went into the writing of this magnificent tribute to a Canadian icon.

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Monty Idumallab 08 May 2023

Very evocative; fondly remembering the singer - song writer; thanks for sharing

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