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Lest we forget
Those who were blinded
So that we may see
Lest we forget

What is a mother?
Someone whose life
Gave birth
To a new soul

May you open your hearts
To the less fortunate
Feel within their heart
And hug them with your love

When the night was so young
You smiled from afar
I was way too damn shy
To let laughter be there

And Jesus takes you down to that place by the Big River
Where sinners gather with the Salvation Army chatter
And you know you wanna believe
Even though you cannot hear Him

It's Father's Day today
Not quite like yesterday
The silent enemy
Forcing us to be friends

Enough pain
To last life
Endured such

To be a childhood star
Knowing you've surpassed the bar
To see the moon beyond the sky
Totally sober and not high

O Lord Creator
Today I give thanks
For so much in life:
Two eyes witnessing

I shall kill
Mine enemy
With such kindness...
I shall serve him

He walks among the stars
A star in his own right
His spirit is restless
Adjusting to new home

Another door
To window
Of future

Obscured by fog
Singing such song
Of great freedom

To all of my friends
The old with the new
Elderly and young
At Poem Hunter

Your mom's in God's Home
Watching over you
In your lonely times
She touches your heart

To write from depths of my heart
To search your eyes for your soul
To hear your song to God
To touch all that is Such Love

There in front of me
All that was my life
Such loving parents
Brothers and sister

The midnight poet
Roams deserted streets
In the midnight hour
Searching for lonely souls

From this moment of death sentence
I promise you I will move on
I will rise to the shining sun
Even when clouds obscure the day

Edge of sword
Sharpest when
Mind is dull

Richard Wlodarski Biography

Richard Wlodarski deftly blends spirituality with current events to paint a starkly disturbing, yet surprisingly optimistic, view of the world. Writing poetry is used as a therapeutic tool to transcend his grief. He inspires us to look for the light in even the most desperate situations. Wlodarski draws on his unique understanding of the link between the conscious and subconscious mind. Hence, his spiritual poetry hits you in both the gut and the heart.)

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Lest We Forget

Lest we forget
Those who were blinded
So that we may see
Lest we forget
Those who were deafened
So that we may hear
Lest we forget
Those who were silenced
So that we may speak
Lest we forget
Those who lost their taste for killing
So that we may all taste living

Through art
We shed tears
For your blindness
Through music
We mourn
Your deafness
Through poetry
Tears falling
For your silence
Through our love
Heart-felt tears
For your dying
Heart-felt thanks
For this gift
Of seeing
Heart-felt thanks
For this gift
Of hearing
Heart-felt thanks
For this gift
Of speaking
And most of all
Heart-felt thanks
For this gift
Of living

Richard Wlodarski Comments

Kumarmani Mahakul 01 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Richard Wlodarski born on Febuary 23,1952 in France as, Rare Rhythm. From today on wards he will be known as Rare Rhythm Richard Wlodarski. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this. We congratulate poet for having this honorary title and we are wishing him all the best for his future perseverance.

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Francis Duggan 30 July 2017

Quite impressed with Richard's poetry and especially his series of poems on his near death experience Soul's Journey here is a person who lives what he writes in a very spiritual way, i feel glad that he survived to write about it as we do need more people like him in the Human World of today.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 29 June 2018

Richard Wlodarski is a very popular poet in this site! His poems entitled, ‘Mother’, ‘Resurrection’, ‘Lest We Forget’, ‘Ode to Drake’ are milestones of his success! His significant contribution to the field of Modern English Poetry and to Poem Hunter is noteworthy! Wish him all success in all walks of his life!

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 11 December 2022

Here is wishing you a wonderful life ahead with many more marvellous poems. Warm wishes and regards

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Richard Wlodarski 12 December 2022

Dear Geeta, receiving unsolicited comments of such praise from a poetess of such stature is such a great pleasure and honour. You have truly made my day! And so many days into the future! A world of THX to you, esteemed poetess!

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 11 December 2022

Dear Richard, thank you for all your beautiful poems that shines with brilliance, love, kindness and absolute faith in the Creator.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 11 December 2022

Richard is an endearing poet who writes straight from the heart. His deep faith in God and His creations is reflected in the poems he writes and that makes his poems throb with devotion for God and love for mankind.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 17 September 2022

I could not post my comment on your poem entitled, 'Gifted to you'. Here it is: Yes, you are absolutely correct my frined. This precious poem is much appreciated. Top score!

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Richard Wlodarski 17 September 2022

Dillip, I greatly appreciate that you went out of your way to make certain that your very positive comment was received by me!

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ER Bron Chiong, RSW 04 July 2022

YO! Tnx Richard f0r writing dz gr8 p0em 4 us! G0d's blsgs as u wryt m0r...

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Richard Wlodarski Quotes

Physical pain is always less severe than mental anguish

Scrambled eggs can't be made into an omelette. But an omelette can be made into scrambled eggs. Both are food for the body and nourishment for the soul.

The crazier the world gets, the more sane the insane appear to be.

Waste not your tears. Save your strength for the upcoming battle.

Blindness leads to reawakening.

Time being a man made concept, puts the blame squarely on our shoulders.

Out of sadness comes therapeutic joy!

Satire can be very philosophical. And funny at the same time.

Freud's soup of life was poisoned when Jung had discovered duck soup!

Writing poetry is a passionate obsession!

Better to reach for the stars than be on the dark side of the moon.

Excellence is better achieved in peace than in war.

Living a good life with God in your heart makes for a happy existence!

Edit! ! !

To live in spirituality is to live, and go Home, with inner peace.

To live in spirituality is to live, and go Home, with inner peace.

All labour has meaning and value; no matter how mundane.

If we could only grasp the concept of time being man-made, we would not struggle fighting it.

Anything that is seen as beautiful in time of war, can only warm our hearts. And motivate us to end the damn war!

If not for hope, life would be dreary.

In can be found.

Fighting for a cause is the sustenance in life.

All wars begin, and end, in tragic loss.

Behind every successful man, there is an even more successful woman!

Forgiveness accelerates one's self growth.

You're never too old to feel young again!

Hurt will always exist; it's what you do with it that truly counts!

Some animals need to hunt for prey. Humans need to hunt for pray.

Mistakes are there for our benefit; not to our detriment.

We've reached a time in history where truth is obscured by lies and lies are obscured by truth.

Jealousy can be deadlier than the most potent snake's venom.

Through pain we learn to love again.

When it comes to romance...poetry reigns superior.

Through positive memories, we achieve significant results!

Through grief we find strength and wisdom...and become GREAT once again.

We experience guilt if we haven't learned from the childlike innocence and spirituality of our existence.

Writing poetry keeps us sane!

All these miracles in front of our eyes...and do we really see them?

Pain is the body's way of showing mental disharmony.

Let's destroy Evil with Love!

Meditation is God's way of saying: All Is Well!

Sometimes it's painful to be patient...but worth it in the end.

Those who don't love and respect creativity are living colorless lives!

I have friends in wheelchairs who can stand better on their feet than most who have two feet.

The silence and peace of mind which I receive through meditation...I receive through writing poetry.

Powerful healing is achieved whenever writing poetry!

The sweet fragrance of rose petals is masking the pungent odour of human greed.

Poetry has the power to heal the mind which heals the body!

When all is down and out...a smile brightens the day.

Fear is the work of the devil. Overcoming fear is a gift from God.

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Richard Wlodarski Popularity

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