Bijay Kant Dubey

For Stephen Gill - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Stephen Gill, Tell Me

Stephen Gill, tell me, tell me about
The place you were born,
Where you got your education,
Your parents,
Your marriage and relationship,
How did you move out to Canada,
What the compulsions were
If any,
Does the things of nativity pain
The heart of yours or not
Or you are complacent,
If there is hidden inside,
You tell us, just tell us?

On The Roadway of Peace

On the roadway of peace,
World peace
Keeps he marching,
A votary of world peace,
International amity and co-existence,
Harmony and relationship,
A goodwill ambassador
Of peace,
Trans-Atlantic, Asia-Pacific, Indo-Canadian
Poet Stephen Gill.

Peace, world peace is his slogan,
The rally with the placard,
Peace, peace,
No talk without peace,
Pacts and treaties,
Holding the hands warmly
With the agenda and resolutions of peace
Struck down.

Just As A Pundit

Just as a pundit sprinkles he water
With the green mango leaf
And the chanting of mantras,
Om shantih, shantih, shantih,
Just like a pundit
With the Upanishadic vision,
A peacenik, a pacifist,
A peace-maker, a peace-keeper
Drawing from Buddha and Buddhism,
His transcendental meditation,
The gospels in tranquil silence,
The lotus blooming,
Gandhi’s satya, ahimsa and prem.

Stephen Gill, Your Smile

Your smile cuts deep into my heart,
Say, say, who you are,
A votary of peace
Or an angel of peace,
A man
Or a lover of humanity.

Your smile, Stephen, is the smile of peace,
Peace, world peace,
Peace the music
Of your song
And singing all around the world,
Reverberating it.

Stephen’s Poems

Stephen’s poems are the poems
Of peace and co-existence,
The songs of harmony and love,
Rainbow dreams
And strings,
The rainbow of peace,
The ooh la la of it
And her singing with zest.

The doves of peace fly in his poetry
And he a birdwatcher of his,
Seeing in contrast
The house pigeons, wooden pigeons and doves
To tell of
Their warbling,
A birdwatcher different.

The Flame of Love

The flame of love is fire,
The fire and fever
And frenzy of his poetry,
An adorer of
In the shrine of love,
Love which inspires,
Love which motivates,
Love which stitches the broken hearts,
You at least try to dress
And nurse it,
O man!


Stephen went to Canada,
The foreign terraces and corridors
Attracted him
And he loved them to be his own,
But the images and pictures
He could not leave them behind,
Struck by
Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha,
Held by
Kabira, Gandhi
Whose gospels and preachings
Resounded in his soul
And he could not slip out
From the firm hold.

You Go On Singing, Singing The Song

You go on,
Go on in this way
Singing the songs of love,
Love and harmony,
And peaceful co-existence,
O singer of love,
Human love and living!

You go on,
Go on
The songs,
The songs of love and sympathy,
Attraction and affection
Without any affectation,
O singer of heart,
In a full-throated ease!

Your song the songs of
The azure,
The blue skies, crystal clear,
Your song
The songs of hills, vales, dales and woods,
Your song
The songs of the brooks,
A world free from
Wherever the mind can go.

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