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For The Memory Of My Brother - Poem by Mr. Poetic

Why do u constantly cry
About your sad little life
Is it becoz deep down inside
U failed as a mother and wife

If u fail at one task
Then maybe u need another
Tell the world your story
About your addicted children and brothers

Start an organization
About how u hate drugs and booze
Stand on a corner and shout your message
What have u got to lose

Stop crying to the ones you love
Becoz u coz them sorrow and pain
Call the White House and cry to Bush
Let him hear u complain

Go to groups and meetings
Cry to your peers
Let people who understand your grief
Listen to your pitiful tears

Go on the web
Google 'Grandma's who are in pain'
Becoz all your crybaby tears
Are driving me insane

Knock on your neighbors doors
Tell them how drugs are evil and bad
Anything is better than feeling sorry for yourself
How long are u going to be sad

Raise money
Start a campaign
Write a novel
About your sorrow and pain

Call HBO
Sell the the movie rights to your story
Hopefully, HBO will be interested
But frankly, I think your tears are boring

Call Oprah
Ask if u can be a guest on her show
Just do something besides crying
Everytime the wind blows

Stop being a little baby
If u have a problem then deal
U cry so much
U forgot how to feel

Blow your nose
Wipe the water from your eyes
For Pete's Sake old woman
Do something meaningful with your life

I know what your saying
Who am I to tell u what to do
Well, I once was a son
That believed in you

But now I pity you
Now I feel sorry for your crying soul
U once were a woman to be admired
But you lost all control

I once looked up to you
But your image is shattered
Just stay in your fancy new kitchen
And cry in your pancake batter

Lock the doors to you rented home
Put up a sign that says 'quarantine'
Make sure u change your batteries
Becoz you're nothing more than a crying machine

Or u can be strong and don't give up
Take a vacation and plan your next move
Or move to the basement
And u and Poppy can sing the blues

U once were a fighter
But it appears you've lost the fight
The sun still shines each day Grandma
So why are all your days black as night

I am ashamed
To call u my mother
Fight the good fight and never give up
If not for me- for the memory of my brother

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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