Katrina Wallace

Forbidden Love - Poem by Katrina Wallace

As the night Falls
All is quiet as a mouse

Not a sound is made
Not even from the wind

With the moon in the sky
And a gentle wind

In the cold of the winters night

None even aware of the approaching
Figure from deep within the woods

He watches. He waits
For he alone knows

Not even she
Can resist his alluring call

A single sharp glance
Just through the play ground tells him this

She walks calmly and softly
Her feet not even making a sound

Upon the icy snow covered grounds

Tilting her head; her ice blue eyes
Meet bright gold of the man

No the demon;
She had foolishly fell for

As both lock gazes

He watches as she stops a mer breaths away

Both know what is they feel
Is forbidden to the last tomb

He: a demon and a predator

Her: a human and a hunter

But as their lips meld
with one another

Neither can care
Neither can give a damn

Though they both maybe hunted for this

And as the shadows swallow them
In the dead of the night

All you can hear
On the winds is a pair of soft whispering

"I love you now and forever."

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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