General TripleD

Forest Walk - Poem by General TripleD

The forest I could not find
Only trees filled my mind
Looking and searching was what I did
But I did not find the forest, not even a bit
Suddenly I saw you
And forgot what to do
I tried to breathe, to talk, to think
My body didn’t even blink
Before I realized, my heart was gone
Your talking, I felt it in every bone
I tried to break the silence: 'what is'
Then you shut me up with a kiss
At last I found the forest in these trees
But now I was attracted to you, you were what honey is for bees

I closed my eyes
And saw different skies
I could see the pictures in my head
But I tried to open my eyes instead
Your voice kept going on
Finally, I opened my eyes and you were gone

I started to walk home
When I looked back the forest was gone

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Ty Bri Edwards

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  • Bri Edwards (11/23/2013 9:52:00 AM)

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    despite the misspelling, i most enjoyed the two lines:

    I tried to breath, to talk, to think
    My body didn’t even blink .................thanks for the rhymes here and elsewhere. thanks for sharing. :)
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