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When I were schooled english wernt my thing.
My scores in English lurning no bells done ring.
Yea I grajaded but ain't english smart ….no lie!
Come end a school year the teach said 'By Bri.'

My favorite colors are green and brown.
Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town.
Green's the color of farm pond scum,
and green's the color of green tea gum.

For my poems, my friend Valsa George has a hunger.
She’s over fifty, but, compared to me, she is younger.
She suggested I write about ‘the advantages of being old’.
It’s a challenge, but, Valsa, on this idea you have sold......

Did you ever notice, in "funeral", the much smaller word, Fun?
If there was a funeral for me, who would "from it" and who would "to it" run?
At 64 I'm overdue perhaps; why should I any longer stick around?
In our big paper dictionary, many as young or younger than I have died, I've found.

I’m an American. So you know I KNOW about equality, right?
And I’m married. I strive for spousal equality with all my might!
Let me share with you how I help to keep my marriage EQUAL.
I’m so good at it that this is my 3rd marriage sequel.

Kanav Justa suggested I share my pizza with PoemHunter friends,
but I’ve found, when trying to send real pizza, my wife’s computer bends.
So you PoemHunter friends will have to settle for.... slices of my thoughts.
You’ll have to settle for “Poetic Pizza” Pieces my mind and pen have wrought.

I saw a lonely cloud one day.
It looked small beyond the Bay.
I tried to find a second and failed,
even though I looked each way.

Sitting quietly in my too-fancy chair, I hear classical music now fill the air.
[It's a rare evening during which my wife and I don't a movie share.]
Now the music's stopped coming from down the hall; I did enjoy it.
I believe my wife's at her computer in the "office"; she, the music, did employ it

Memory of Thanksgiving: Gravy with... mashed potatoes.
Sandwich of my Youth: Bacon and lettuce.... with tomatoes.
Jobs I've had: Nurses' aide, clerk, .... and truck driver.
Athletes I'll never be: Quarterback, boxer, and high diver.

Trees were my childhood friends (along with neighbor, Helen) .
Now trees, and other South Carolina plants, have me YELLIN'.
Oh, it may not be outloud-yelling; I keep some feelings inside,
But, my displeasure with some plants here, I'll not from you hide.

Though We're Now Apart

It rained, stopped, and rained

Little girl, do you feel many eyes watching you each day,
while, in sun or rain, outside you carry on ….at your play?
It's just me, your multi-eyed little pencil-case-spider-friend.
Remember when last year, on playground, me you did defend?

Two days ago out our window in the morning
a unique event appeared to me without warning.
Among the trees, of our neighbor's southern slope,
I spied a large deer which I felt had little hope

She was born on the east coast of Japan, bordered by an Ocean.
She'd eaten plenty of Seafood, some raw, ......which she called Sushi.
And she was an accomplished Swimmer & often Swam in a pool, BUT never dawned on me how CLOSE she might have felt/been to the 'Sea'.

'WHY' …she asks, 'do we together now live? '
[[ My wife is/(was?) thinking of ‘leaving me'; IT is TRUE! ]]
To this, her question, what answer shall I now give?
It must be honest and believable ….when I am through.

From behind, I saw him steal food and drink.
His face was light brown; mine's more pink.
He crossed store's lot to a nearby yard.
‘I thought to myself: "Is his life so hard …

I Get Age Spots

I get "age spots", age spots galore.

I breathe deeply, as suggested by this site, and a 'new poem' I now compose.
These seven poems brought me such entertainment (enough I do suppose) .....
....that if others read some of them, their days may blossom like a Spring rose,
a rose with beautiful color, a calming odor, and NO thorns to grab & tear clothes!

It's nice to be wanted, at times, but please don't NEED me!
You may 'wine and dine' me, BUT don't ever PLEAD with me...
to be your friend, mentor, roommate, or spouse; DON'T grovel *!
I'll choose who I'll choose, and WHERE, be it in a palace or hovel *! !

Some of you think you know me well,
but I doubt you do. Now I will tell …
‘the way it is'.
My life that is, specifically that I AM shy ….,

Bri Edwards Biography

EDITED SEPTEMBER 23rd 2023: I AM STILL ALIVE: 'Somewheresville', (see COUNTRY below) is a fictitious aka FAKE country name! ! ! ! MY 'REAL' NAME, given at birth, has always been, as far as I know, BRIAN EDWARD WHITAKER, I use it at times on this site, but to my name is Bri Edwards. I was born and 'raised', an old goat', ......which I am getting to be, Geneva New York USA. YAY! ! ! I don't trust PH completely, and INSTRUCTIONS on HOW TO UPDATE MY 'bio' HERE ARE 'a bit weak' [[[ actually DAMN WEAK! ! ! ]]]. Will PH delete THE VERY, VERY LONG earlier version of this BIO? ? ? YOU may HOPE PH WILL delete it! ! MY WIFE AND I did move to SOUTH CAROLINA 2 YEARS AGO. Now SHE WANTS US in NORTH Carolina, and we are living there temporarily now. I'd like to move back to MY hometown; hers is in another country. I AM STILL A 'MALE' AS I WAS BORN, ......'for better or worse'. HAVE FUN, VISIT SOME OF MY POEMS & 'LOVE THEM OR LEAVE THEM'. Be nice! ! ! bri edwards :) ================================== EDITED August 19,2021: PoemHunter has improved, though not back to being as wonderful as it used to be for years.: I may be moving from California to South Carolina in the near future. My life on PH and at 'home' is unsettled. I have deactivated many more of my poems, including most of my 'showcases' recently. This is to give fewer poems to pick from for anyone foolish or bored enough to search out some of what i consider my 'better poems'. Of course they are ALL great (to my eyes) more or less. I keep hearing people are dying from 'Covid'. Well, I thought that was part of life: dying. We can't all go on living. I've not been vaccinated and have no plans to submit to it, esp. since my wife is VERY STRONGLY OPPOSED to it....and many other things in the world. bri :) p.s. i AIN'T going to proofread the above. =================================== EDITED MARCH 9TH,2021: i KNOW I'M NOT ALONE, AS A MEMBER FOR YEARS ON PH, IN SAYING SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAPPENED TO NEARLY-DESTROY PH FOR AT LEAST SOME OF US. BUT I'M SUSPICIOUS THAT SOME OTHER MEMBERS ARE HAVING A MORE SUCCESSFUL TIME WHEN THEY COME HERE. AMONG OTHER PROBLEMS ARE...... 'OFTEN' BEING UNABLE TO: 'SIGN IN' USE THE 'SEARCH ANYTHING' FEATURE COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER MEMBERS SEE WHO IS ONLINE (A FEATURE APPARENTLY DISCONTINUED IN DEC.2021) ETC. ETC. : ( AND FEATURES WHICH DO WORK, ARE NOT NEARLY AS CONVENIENT TO USE AS THEY USED TO BE. AH, WELL, SUCH IS LIFE: IT SOMETIMES SUCKS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! : ( HELLO TO ALL MY FRIENDS (IF ANY OF THEM EVER SEE THIS) . BRI ---------------------------------- About Me: [edited November 1,2014] [and edited some in 2017 and Feb.2020] [[ 2020: i seem to have two bios on PH and the other starts by saying i'm a Jokester; i use a lot of humor/humour, AND i sometimes " LIE" in messages to members, hoping they will always realize i am NOT meaning to be truthful. BUT i believe some members misunderstand my 'humor' lying and this can cause problems for them and ME! AND i feel some members, in turn, have begun to " lie" to me, such that i don't always know what to believe in THEIR messages to ME! ! ! : ]] Ok! it is now March 23,2017 and i am STILL ALIVE! Way to go, Bri! ! but....FLASH! my real name no lie is Brian Edward Whitaker, BUT if you use this information in a cruel or dishonest way, i shall hunt you down and tickle you mercilessly! especially if you are a broad! PH seems to leave the apostrophes out of my bio, so i have replaced them; maybe they will stick now? I think one of my high school English teachers gave me the only D I ever got on a postcard [gee, over a year after writing this bio i went to edit it and found that i wrote postcard instead of the correct word s: 'report card'; i guess that is what happens to a retired U.S.postal worker! ] Proofreading does make a difference! That was my LOW mark! Just so ya know, ya know? But who's counting? I was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam conflict/war after i quit college my senior year. Ive been a delivery truck driver, a day laborer, a hospital aide, an operating room technician, and last, but not least, a USPS window clerk, now retired. PLEASE buy stamps etc. I have one child and have been a good husband................four times. Yikes! I enjoy birdwatching, walking, talking, being a pain to my wife not really, and writing poetry. Most of my poems have been written since I retired in 2004. PoemHunter is great! not perfect, but who/what is? i have moved to near eureka california. i am still married! i have become a grandfather, though i don't consider it a big deal. a friend recently asked if a poem i had sent to her was pentameter. hmm? i looked it up. something to do with arrangements of words in poetry. i told her i usually just write what sounds good to me. hopefully some of it sounds good to the readers! in my list of poems i give, for each poem, a title, and i follow the title with some clues [in brackets] about the poem's content and length. at least that is how my more recently-submitted poems are listed. this is to aid readers in picking something they might enjoy, or at least not hate. in most of my poems i try to be funny, at least a little bit! i also have very serious poems. some are VERY long but not TOO long, and those sometimes deal with serious subjects of human behavior/ behaviour for some of my overseas friends and experiences. they may take ten minutes or more to read? , but hopefully some will read and enjoy them. i almost always use rhymes. maybe that will make up for my lack of seriousness, romanticism, and attention to confining-patterns such as in pentameters! . i will be challenged if anyone would like to suggest a topic or title for a poem. i wrote one for an ex-wife's boyfriend once a valentines day poem; i did have to ask her to tell me something about their relationship/him, in order to write something personalized and somewhat truthful. feel free to ask. my PH fried, Brian Johnston, has been running a monthly for a few months so far poetry writing contest 'Challenge' in which he challenges all members to submit a poem using a title he has chosen. he makes up a 'poem title' referring to the month and year and the word 'Challenge'. [[ Feb.2020: B. Johnston quit doing " Challenges" and i took over, and within a year or so i changed the name of the usually-monthly event to " Showcase" , changing it to a display of poems i've enjoyed on PH and no longer making it a contest nor requiring a special title or subject for displayed poems. A few months ago, i again changed to calling the events " Lists" , usually just giving author names and titles of poems.]] i also have a habit at times of correcting or suggesting or questioning poets in my comments about their poem s. most poets on PH have accepted this without complaint. [maybe they HAD a complaint, but they did not tell ME.] some have even thanked me! a few have requested that i send less-than-flattering comments to them directly as messages so other readers will not see them. fine with me, if i am asked to do that and remember. i am NOT a man of few words, as you may be able to assume by the length of this. please feel free to suggest i read one a particular one of YOUR poems. i will try to accommodate you, but please proofread the poem at LEAST once first, and don't feel i'm being mean if i don't praise it. some of my poems deal in part at least with my feeling that i have lived long enough 66 years and am ready to go to the next step, which to me is dirt. i am an agnostic/atheist which also shows up in some of my poems. the photo of me on PH is really me and, yes, i am eating pizza, a rare treat for me. have a nice time on PoemHunter! bri: i just reread the instructions for what to write my bio. it says write down a brief note, but it also says there are no limitations for this text, SO i guess i haven't broken the rules with my wordiness! - - - - - - - - - - - - - some suggested SHORT POEMS by me: [Humor] Speak To Me, Moon..... [Speaking To The Moon; Fantasy; Humor; Very SHORT] 3/28/2014 A Father's Toast At His Gay Son's Wedding Reception..... [Same-sex marriage; Humour/HUMOR; Johnny Cash song/Sheldon Silverstein poem; SHORT] Won't You Be My Poemhunter-Valentine? ? ...... [my silly VERY SHORT valentine wish] 2/12/2014 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - some suggested MEDIUM POEMS by me: Mary's Pet....[Humor; Human nature; Pets; Scary? ; Grade school] 11/21/2012 Bye-bye Jimmy.....[Nature observations; Death; Personal] 10/29/2012 Holes I've Known....... [Holes, of course! ; HUMOR/humour; MEDIUM length] 6/17/2014 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - some suggested LONG POEMS by me: [Jake's] Christmas Eve.....[Exploration; Food Gathering; Fatherhood; Santa; Rat; LONG; Humor] 12/15/2012 '6 Foot 3'......[LONG; Scary; Gross; Murder] 11/18/2012 When The Carousel Animals Got Loose.....[LONG; Humor; Fantasy; Adventure] 8/9/2012 Creation maybe not what you think......[Girl-to-woman; Baby-making; LONG; Relationships] 12/15/2012 Finding Oneself......... [EXTREMELY LONG; Growing Up; Relationships; Humour/Humor] reviewed 12/1/2012 bri:)

The Best Poem Of Bri Edwards

My English Sucks …..[english ('poor') : Almost Medium Length; Education And Life; Ph- Inspired]

When I were schooled english wernt my thing.
My scores in English lurning no bells done ring.
Yea I grajaded but ain't english smart ….no lie!
Come end a school year the teach said 'By Bri.'

Was same in bilogy, math, jografy all that stuff.
I done did my best and guess my best were enough.
I did done grate at ball games and in trak run the mile.
I was a THREEletter man and made them girls smile.

I got payed for pumpin gas an turned 18 served my Nation.
For 'Bravry Under Fire' in the NAM I were town sensation.
Back home, all tired, I done gone back to the gas station …..
and worked evry week I culd with no vacasion.

One thing lurned what done good for me was fixin cars.
I worked with shirt of to show of my many NAM scars.
A day done come I met a girl from my dreams.
We got now three kids and life is good it seams.

I think my English done even proved a litle bit ….
but if it don't I don't' mind cuz I is happy an don't give no shit.

(August 29,2014)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please read my 2018 addition to my Poet's Notes. There is a sequel to the poem you just read. :) bri

Bri Edwards Comments

Akhtar Jawad 10 March 2016

Someone Someone who might not be residing at the skies, as there are no skies, and one who lives somewhere inside us, may be our super ego, or our thinking with a mighty will power, I am sure is present in my friend and teacher, Bri Edwards, He will play his role, and He will protect and cure all the senses of my friend, a thinker, a guiding critic, and a poet as well, and overall a normal man, may not be an Angel, but not a Devil, too, he is just a wonderful man. I am sure he will survive with all his five senses, besides his amazing and fore sighting sixth sense. All the best for my dear teacher, Bri Edwards! Let us pray! Yes, I believe in prayers. we all are separated units, like electrons, protons and neutrons of an atom, still we are joined, and affect thinking of each other. I believe our prayers will affect the thinking of Bri Edwards, and his will power will give a new shine to the blue stars! Amen!

4 3 Reply
Valsa George 23 January 2016

What has happened to Bri Edwards. There is no news of him.......! He said he had some problems with his eyes. But is it so serious as to keep him from poem hunter for so long, I wonder! He is sorely missed........!

5 2 Reply
Valsa George 30 June 2015

Bri is perhaps the most vibrant presence now on poem hunter. His humorous writings stand apart. I don't think any other poet here would venture to handle themes the way he does. Also I wonder if any one else is capable of writing in the same style. Sometimes his poems tend to be a little bawdy. Still there is a lot of wisdom in his humour. His comments on others' poems are lessons in Semantics, grammar and spelling. No mistake escapes his x-ray eyes! However his corrective lessons make us a little more cautious. I wish this 'young man' lots of luck and a fruitful poetic career!

4 2 Reply
Mj Lemon 26 May 2015

Wisdom through humour....thanks so much for the epic, the great, the awesome poetry.

3 3 Reply
Nika Mcguin 24 February 2014

One of the funniest poets I've ever read! I always look forward to his poems to brighten up my day. ~Nika

2 3 Reply
Della Perry 12 November 2023

Hi hope you well. Not been a year yet lol x

0 0 Reply
Kevin Familia 05 November 2023

I am back from writing a short story and I see that you have written more new poems! I will look forward to reading them ^-^ Thank you

0 0 Reply
Della Perry 06 August 2023

Im not abke to send you messages for some reason. Sent to you email though. Xxx

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Sabahat Batool 22 May 2023

Thanx Bri Edwards, I have just now seen but my page is not allowing me to reply. Thanks for your assistance, I really love it. Angeless as you have asked I've not used it in the same sense but I used it in the meanings of female angel. I've coined this word. Are you not on all poetry page

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Bri Edwards 08 May 2023

What IS 'Bri Edwards Comments'? ? ? ? ?

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Bri Edwards Quotes

Give me a spoon and i shall eat ice cream! hell, give me ice cream, and i'll eat it, spoon or not! !

Don't worry 'PoemHunter', i will NOT 'forget' that this quote can't be edited once it's submitter/published. Pay close attention to this PH (my once dear 'friend' on the Internet) . 'Bri will struggle to be active on PH, for my sake, and the sakes of those i've met and 'enjoyed' here.....even if i have to Google their names & poemhunter, e.g. 'bri edwards poemhunter' in order to find their PH pages.

This is NOT MY POEM, but i want to share it. It was when I was just in class three Hovering around the tenth year of age Something bothered me in the hours wee A sweetness, an aroma, sweat Or was it the morning dew on grass That kept me awake Rolling on my smelly bed With a sweetness that blazed my glands I don't know, I can't tell But there was she My classmate With jasmine teeth A dance perched on her feet Bothering my budding masculinity I knew I wanted her I couldn't make out what for In a frenzy that engulfed me Like a forest fire then I wrote On the inside of a discarded cigarette pack Slit open like a bleeding heart What I felt, the first love letter In words that moved like ants All over me and my heart I handed it to her brother Two years younger In secret, behind the school toilet yonder Hoping it would reach and vanquish her But, there was the maths teacher Fondling his scorpion tail moustache Watching the goings-on Who intercepted the missive From the hands of the shivering brother I thought I was in for hell Punishment, beatings, no one can tell But nothing happened to my surprise Till at last I noticed The school headmistress at my fence In a rare bosom chat with my mom, her friend I was playing behind my house Rolling stones in the setting sun Like a forlorn Ulysses adorned in sweat Yet I knew I was their subject Days passed and Diwali came The Indian festival of lights It was time for the early morning bath Under the glistening stars My mom poured warm water over me from a tub And I misbehaved in a gleeful jump She cautioned and slapped me on my thigh With a fire unknown in her eyes "Idiot, have you begun Writing love letters at this age? " That was the first and last time She ever beat me A lovely mother was she And, often I wonder what happened To that passionate missive of mine Perhaps, it was blown over by the winds Over fences and thorns and profusely bled And withered in the sun and rain Decayed down the channels of time And I met her of late one of these days At a temple festival when I braved To tell her about my missive missed That perhaps could have changed our fate She laughed out in a guffaw An aging grandma of three And I could see at sixty-eight Her jasmines were still intact What more could a lover want When he has only a toothless smile In exchange, Oh, why do we age? Madathil Rajendran Nair Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain

PoemHunter took a nosedive about two years ago, but has rebounded some since then, THANK GOODNESS. Some former members have fled for other sites. Thankfully, some of the oldtimers have hung around, some, I think, because we are not asked to pay to use this site. But, if asked, I just MIGHT pay. Yes, it's been said one cannot sqeeze water out of a stone, but maybe....? Some members I believe have died since PH's changes first went into effect, BUT I don't blame PH for THAT, ....though the changes were a really big shock. I'm still adjusting. Yes, there were some horrible changes made on this SITE, enough to make me drive off into the NIGHT, except I don't have a car, so I wouldn't get far!

HOW COME aka 'WHY' are the instructions here almosts invisible to my two eyes! ? ? Doen's PH look at its own pages as members must here to leave a quote? ! Ha!

HOW COME aka 'WHY' are the instructions here almosts invisible to my two eyes! ? ?

HOW COME aka 'WHY' are the instructions here almosts invisible to my two eyes! ? ? Call me late for supper, call me late to bed or to rise, but DON'T CALL ME 'dishonest' or I may shoot you 'tween thine eyes!

I just skimmed down PH's 'Best Poets of Members'. I recognized 3 or a few more of them only and I've been here about 11 years. Does this tell you anything about PH? ;) AND, I'm not on the list! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :)))))))))

Well, Cowboy Ron Williams, One need not need a reason in order to make a rhyme, AND neither does making a rhyme guarantee the poet that s/he does or will possess 'Reason'. bri :)

On January 26th? 2021 a quote was posted from me to YOU, readers, but since PH does NOT allow editing-after-publishing you will have to figure out how I would edit the typo in that 2 1/2 y.o. qoute! ! ! ! Ain't this FUN? ? BRI edwards.....aka.....[[ in the 'real world' as ]] Brian Edward Whitaker, born in 1948.... somewhere on this Earth, .... I think. p.s. Kim Barney told me that HE HAD SUCCESSFULLY EDITED ONE OR MORE QUOTES. I INVESTIGATED HIS CLAIM AND DICOVERED HOW IT IT DONE. IF you WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO IT, I WILL TELL YOU HOW...IN EXCHANGE FOR 4 GALLONS OF MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM, A 'HAND' OR TWO OF 1/2 RIPE BANANAS AND AN ASSORTMENT OF TOPPINGS. :) BRI EDWARDS

I got a message today from a PH member who, among other things said 'PH sucks! ' [ sucks may also have been in capital letters ]. MY NEW QUOTE IS MY ANSWERING MESSAGE TO THE MEMBER ]: 'Gee, you SOUND a bit UPSET! ! Do you have food and water to drink? Do you have a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in as desired? Do you have clean, fitting, clothes to wear? Do you have at least one friend or two and maybe even someone who loves you? Yes, PH at times fucks up apparently; I've witnessed it for sure. BUT IT IS FREE and there are other sites you could join, and maybe pay for them. Have I overestimated your annoyance? Have you OVERSTATED YOU FEELINGS? ? Are you feeling tortured and/or singled out for a poor showing by PH? Hmm. Eat some curry and ice cream and take a few sleeping pills. (no booze) But DON'T give up on oife, friends, job, family OR PH! ! ! What would we do without you? ? Don't ask ME to answer THAT! ! ! Do you feel a tiny bit better now? :) bri'

I got a message today from a PH member who, among other things said 'PH sucks! ' [ sucks may also have been in capital letters ]. MY NEW QUOTE IS MY ANSWERING MESSAGE TO THE MEMBER ]: I, Bri Edwards, do not know who typed the above 3 lines! ! ! I don't think I did! ! ! BUT HERE IS A POEM RECOMMENDATION FROM ME on July 30th '23: READ: Dream Of Delicious Ice Cream Poem by Juhaina Tumlu

DON'T 'bug me', PH. love' Bri Edwards :)

What 'mind', Miss/Mr./Mrs. PH? ? ? My quote..from my feeble mine: 'Taking the 'path of least resistance' may result in the pathtaker's ruination.'

Bri Edwards Popularity

Bri Edwards Popularity

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