Forever Sorry Poem by Tosin Adesokan

Forever Sorry

I'm so sorry,

I'm sorry for the love I wasted
I'm sorry because I will be forever wanted
I'm sorry for every truth that I kept
I'm sorry for the days you wept
I'm sorry for making you feel sorry
I'm sorry for making you worry
Sorry, we couldn't fulfil the vow
Sorry, I need only to bow
I'm sorry we we won't be around
Even when we need to be on ground
I'm sorry, you broke my heart
Sorry, I have to sit like a bat
I'm sorry for the days I made you vex
I'm sorry for calling you my ex
Sorry, for you loved so much
I'm sorry because I loved to touch
I'm sorry for all will be just histories
In my perspective, only mysteries
I'm sorry, I pushed the love away
I'm sorry for you didn't deserve me anyway
Sorry for everything I have done
When to be with you, I've gone
Sorry for the promise of making me smile
What I see is that you are going for a while
Sorry for advertising your love
Though, it was the love with glove
I'm sorry for making you feel sad
Just believe that I'm not so bad
I'm sorry, I see the real trust
Even, excluding lust
I'm sorry for all
Now, in your court lies the ball
Sorry for being a loner
I'm sorry for calling you joker
I'm sorry for many things
Infact, I was just sorry even for everything.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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