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The land and it's wishes 
They dwelled in riches 
They continued to dwell 
And was going well 

Roses are beautiful 
But you are more than rose 
You are wonderful 
Either you choose to sleep or pose 

Neither silver nor gold we have none 
But i believe we can change the world of err 
Our father's days had gone 
It's our time to change the evil air 


It flies, flies and flies 
It goes up, up and up 
It cries, cries and cries 
And never beg for food cup 

Years ago, brother made a first class
today, I saw him rolling multiple weeds
because his birth place is a smouldering hell
where people pray not to see another day

The last time I checked, she has gone
Her words then, weren't real
Her smiles then, were all fake
But I valued them because they built worlds

We are all human
aren't we?
we are all human
until riches segregated us

I am a student and not a bandit
Mixing Grammar with Marxism in order to be a liberator
Mixing lectures in order to be fit
Paid parents, tell me the tales of the children persecutor

my life is full of happiness without an iota of joy
my world is full of sorrow without sadness
My life is like a flood running around, strolling with erosion

I'm so sorry,

I'm sorry for the love I wasted
I'm sorry because I will be forever wanted

I've come to choose the Faith
We're here to take the road among the roads
You will either come with me or leave
I'm living in dilemma

Look up when you are bored
Among the living, you may look odd
Look up, all your answers are there
You will smile even without a flair

Listen! Auxiliary of Men
He was a boy before he met you, but now he's changed to a man

The boy You knew before never knew how take breath away from animals

Roses are red
Violet are blue
I'm Fredrick but call me Fred
And I only want your love and you

Not for children
The pangs and the humiliation
Let them be fearless with pen
Even when they are given a simple composition

If I could go and correct my flaws
My history will be perfect
I will go and cut my claws
I will go back without waking the cricket

There are thieves and there's a thief
A thief is dangerous than the thieves
Theives are predictable
But a thief is dynamic in nature

Inside the book, there are many pages
Stories of those of ages
Inside the page, there are many histories
Histories that portrays mysteries

Absent Father
Tired Mother
Broken Society
Children are dirty

If I were able to create like a Creator
I will concentrate on man's mind
I want to retire being a mediator
I will tell them to be kind

Tosin Adesokan Biography

Tosin Adesokan is an undergraduate student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He is studying English Language Education. He began his writing careers while in Secondary school. He represented and won prizes for his secondary Schools in different competitions. He gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University in the year 2018. He worked as a journalist with Gbongan Olufi Parrot Magazine (GOPM) .)

The Best Poem Of Tosin Adesokan

Act Of War

The land and it's wishes 
They dwelled in riches 
They continued to dwell 
And was going well 

They boasted to acquire more 
Without afraid of war 
They always curious about something 
Whereas there was nothing 

They continued on their way 
But there was a day 
A war broke out 
The land refused to work out 

The war continue from year to year 
With no hope of heir 
Dwindled in their wishes 
Shortened in their riches 

The life of land glutton 
It's always rotten 
They withdrew from the war 
They cease to have more 

They asked the muse 
In whom the were fused
The outcome of the war 
Muse said nothing more 

I volunteered to be a remedy 
But the land was not yet ready 
The land said I look dryer 
In my view, they look older.

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Adeleke elijah 27 September 2019

Great job

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Tosin Adesokan Quotes

'It is good to be a coward in hell than to be a coward in life'

'If people's thought are visible, there is going to be a least death in life'

' The best is in us, the only problem is that we don't normally cherish is ours '

' Some words must be left unspoken'

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Tosin Adesokan Popularity

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