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Forever Will Be Finally Mine - Poem by James Darwin Smith II

Cried enough rivers
I swear I could move mountains
When thinking all of these thoughts, together
Many of great importance
While others so little in comparison
In matters of now knowing
Of pondering in reckless polarity
Only to be too late
Amongst the present day’s arrival
When all turns to dark
The time I finally become motivated
And what is there? Emptiness
As I can only stop lay down
And stare at the ceiling
Lying motionless in turmoil
Of what my next move shall be
Only to be imprisoned by who else but me

Saw enough movement
Was too fast to stop and see
Or too slow upon reaction
Only having time to seize probabilities
That turned into improbable toying
As opportunity lies to me in cold blood intentions
All in the name of dolled up intentions full of greed

Emotions, what a battle they can be
Frustrations, Oh they know when to arrive
The flustering quick daylight’s teasing
Oh, the sky can be so misleading
Misgiving things I do not want
Flaunting quick moments of a minute pause
Ever boggling words mouthed in seclusion
Of self non conclusions
Murmuring hesitation
On murky visions so uninhabitable
To this spirit’s enduring

So I do my best to adapt
Riding on the strongest I can without crashing
Learning patience through peaceful inclinations
Where love meets in ambitions and dreams
As this imagination paints the best scene
That these visions can truly seize
A mission to clarity
Amongst a sublime setting
In a tranquillity of better days ahead
All in the name of myself
As I begin to spread my love to another
All in great time
In the essence in my heart, soul and mind
As I strive to live life the best that I ever can
Personal bereft gone and voided
By whom I am today
And tomorrow I will even be better
What more could I even say?

I cried enough rivers
Rivers of pain and suffrage
Now it’s time to cry rivers of happiness
All in the name of love
And the many ways it comes
These thoughts slowing down
This heart starting to feel safer
As this soul becomes stronger every single day

No matter what happens
I always have my dreams
And no matter how much my emotional torment imprisons me
I know in the end I will always be free

These tears shall fall in love
With a river traveling to such beautiful unknown places
Amongst feelings that snuggle with such reassuring warmth
Where the outside voiding will never harm me again

Even if at the moment my love is not real
It is good to practice the moment playing make pretend

After all
Having a vivid imagination
is such a beautiful, Gorgeous, Stunning thing

Every lingering giant frustration shall be soon destroyed
As I share the light that shines all from within
Proving dreams do come true
And when I wake up they will still surround me
I know I can do this
Just one step at a time
Then all that hurt me in the past will be finally left behind

Will not go backwards
Will not be stuck in each lingering moment
No, I will go forward from here on out
Never will I lie to myself again

My actions shall be stronger than ever
And words of self-encouragement shall always remain

The world is smaller than I once thought
And now I shall travel everywhere that I can
When the natural resources of love bless me
And my heart it sings again

I am on my way
Tomorrow is a small step to a brand new age
Just watch me as current time goes by
Never will I waste any sort of shining moment again

Here I am
My heart, mind and soul
Are all ready to fly

There will always be hello
Never will there be a goodbye

As my whole existence
Yes, is ready to fly

These tears that cry a rivers of joy
Shall go into an ocean endless with surprise
And then I can truly state
All forever will be fine

All forever will definitely be fine
As joy, love and happiness for ever will finally be mine

This was a prophecy that I saw dreaming
Upon the heavenly bliss of a brand new powdery blue sky

Everything forever indeed will be truly fine
As joy, love and happiness will indeed for ever be finally mine

Forever will be finally mine

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Written on 1/30/14

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