James Darwin Smith II

Silver Star - 3,853 Points (10/6/74 / San Diego, CA)

James Darwin Smith II Poems

1. Walking Upon Evergreen Ambitions 6/18/2012
2. Mannequin Handled 6/18/2012
3. Over Exposed From Love 6/24/2012
4. Prepare To Be Spaced Out Or In, Make Your Own Call 6/28/2012
5. Pegusus Moon 6/28/2012
6. My Feeling Of Love Towards You 6/28/2012
7. Paradox 6/28/2012
8. Love, The Riddle Itself 6/28/2012
9. When Good Intentions Are Shrouded By Deceit 7/2/2012
10. Deciphering The Code Within My Heart 7/23/2012
11. Wall Eyed 8/8/2012
12. Traveling With Love's Dark Light 8/17/2012
13. Love's Plea Towards The Truth's Open Arms 8/22/2012
14. Gravely Miss Taken 9/2/2012
15. Beyond The Loving Season 9/8/2012
16. The Adventure Of Dreamy Eyes 9/15/2012
17. Happy For Sun Days 9/23/2012
18. Breaking The Bubbly Out 10/9/2012
19. Spirituality Goes Beyond Religion 10/11/2012
20. Venturing Into An Inner Unified Clarity 10/14/2012
21. Lady Dismay, Queen Of Despair 'A B Poem' 10/20/2012
22. Out And A Bout...Time 11/16/2012
23. The Advenure Within, Beyond This Season Of Illogical Treason 11/26/2012
24. Tainted Roads 11/28/2012
25. Universal Love-Care 12/7/2012
26. Just Another Piece Of Mind Towards A Paradox Of Endless Philosophy 12/26/2012
27. A Mystery From An Unknown Rebuttal 1/2/2013
28. An Angelic Catastrophe 1/21/2013
29. My Own Mental Epiphany, Me 2/4/2013
30. Dazed And Contused 2/6/2013
31. Up To Me, Or Down Towards You 2/13/2013
32. Birthing Stars Of Glory 3/5/2013
33. To The Dreams Of All Dreams 3/13/2013
34. Thickly Thinning Through The Pendulum Of Life 4/1/2013
35. Star Seized 4/6/2013
36. Through The Beautiful Visions Of Glorious Epiphanies 4/19/2013
37. The Eve Perceiving Of I 4/29/2013
38. A Potpourri Welcome 5/3/2013
39. Into A Paradox That Even Confuses The Devil Itself 5/9/2013
40. Victory Waits In Loving Grace 5/14/2013
Best Poem of James Darwin Smith II

The Wind Of Change, The Change Of Wind

The wind it frolics
Caressing my being
Becoming mischievous
Upon a guile fashion
Changing moods
Sometimes fresh
At other times
So hot
Becomes too scorching to even breathe

Yet, in the wind
All in its good, bad or ugly ways
It teaches lessons
Many tough ones perhaps
But in the struggles it is found
That the good always prevails
And the ugly those souls become barren of existence

In these very times
Hard to imagine the great coming through
So much negativity around
Adaption to it for the many
Only makes perfect ...

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Next Endeavor

Stayed too strong
When times needed to be weakened
Built ladders way up high upon the skies
Wishing to meet the stars someday
Not realizing then I was too afraid of heights

Dreamt of flying high

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