James Darwin Smith II

Gold Star - 4,650 Points (10/6/74 / San Diego, CA)

James Darwin Smith II Poems

1. Refuge In The Shadows I Crawl 3/2/2015
2. Liefe 5/13/2015
3. When The Tide Finally Comes In 5/21/2015
4. Poetic Maze Of Enigmatic Porportions 5/26/2015
5. Nomadic Spirit Dreaming Of The Greater Unknown 6/7/2015
6. Free The Will 6/16/2015
7. Try Add Edgy 6/24/2015
8. Bleeding Poetry In These Veins Of Greater Beliefs 7/4/2015
9. Sentimental Tears Align 7/7/2015
10. Earth, Angels 7/14/2015
11. Flying To The Highest Of Highs 7/18/2015
12. Wings Of My Dreams, Wings Of Destiny 7/26/2015
13. In The Eyes Of Tomorrow 8/11/2015
14. True Love Is The Most Powerful Force Of Them All 8/21/2015
15. Soul Gate 8/25/2015
16. Upon This Heart's Beating 8/30/2015
17. Love's Most Powerful Prophecy 9/2/2015
18. Love's Vigilance 9/10/2015
19. With Insomniac Eyes 9/13/2015
20. Destination Enigma 9/14/2015
21. The First Encounter Of Our Own Design 9/20/2015
22. Stars Above And Beyond 9/26/2015
23. Hope Sick 9/28/2015
24. The Phantom Of The Poet 9/30/2015
25. Destination, Awakening 10/5/2015
26. Onward I Go 10/9/2015
27. This Torrential Metaphysical Design 10/11/2015
28. Please Forgive Me Society 10/11/2015
29. The Butcher Of Word Ville 10/12/2015
30. To My Love, Unknown 10/12/2015
31. Blue Tears Of Endurence 10/15/2015
32. Lessons Taught Within This Self 10/25/2015
33. Pro Acclimation 11/6/2015
34. The Embattling Rose And The Statue Of Mourning 11/10/2015
35. In The Spirits Of All Butterflies 11/12/2015
36. No Cheat Code Here 11/16/2015
37. More Endeavors, Free 11/17/2015
38. Trending On Bitter, Sweet Deceit 11/25/2015
39. Singing In The Dreams Of Being Freely Alive 11/27/2015
40. No Scoreboard Needed 11/28/2015
Best Poem of James Darwin Smith II

The Wind Of Change, The Change Of Wind

The wind it frolics
Caressing my being
Becoming mischievous
Upon a guile fashion
Changing moods
Sometimes fresh
At other times
So hot
Becomes too scorching to even breathe

Yet, in the wind
All in its good, bad or ugly ways
It teaches lessons
Many tough ones perhaps
But in the struggles it is found
That the good always prevails
And the ugly those souls become barren of existence

In these very times
Hard to imagine the great coming through
So much negativity around
Adaption to it for the many
Only makes perfect ...

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Over Exposed From Love

I can use all of the metaphors,
The clichés of love
But action takes a lot of doing
Cannot leave this heart in a cloud of dust

Being blinded by hopeless endeavors, No

Sorrow, You are done
Get away from me

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