deandre cammon

Freestye (First Poetry Slam) - Poem by deandre cammon

So i guess i should write a poem probably tell u how its goin huh?
Tell you that im feelin great and head strong huh
Tell you what you wanna hear maybe a lyric to a song
Or a quote from malcolm x to help a negro move along
Well im all outta those lotta closed minds im speakin to
Crimes agaisnt each other crimes against they nieghbor
U fightin yo distant cousin from back when they enslavedp us
Life sometimes a nightmare no scapegoat no wake up.
This isnt made up the n a g is in my make up It kills me dead to see, somebody set my wake up
Go to school to where they pay cut the teachers and the preachers sposed to teach what it is.
Same teachers barely gettin by late on they bills.
And we sposed go to coledge pay for knowledge so we could be like them
It seems grim.
Hear me out we put hiati on hiatus, bet they hate us.
Or any third world country we failin to mention they not ok we assume pretention.
It gets under my dark skin.
Maybe cause we black they kept us in the tar pit. So its natural a star shine in all the darkness.
I try my best to slow your pain, you know retard it. But pains fire retardant
and im the flame of the star through witch u speak
make a wish
And if ignorance is bliss, then knowledge is an itch which affects you untill something is done.
Im not a know it all but i do know sun,
Ive exploded
and Until ihit supernova and my fire burn out imma go all out
the box i make the in crowd i never was a part of theirs rather they hate me for who i am, than love for who i am not
im for truth no matter who tells it
and ill pay the price for peace, no matter who sells it
Unless its my soul
Thats what makes and seperates me
From great to amazing.
Im new to this but i was a creator since creation.
I knew i was it since daddy forgot the latex
Im shinin for you now watch as the darkness escapes us.
To say this might cost me my points but i hope yall get em
But while i was over there sittin this was writtin
But I wanted it to be arap.
I dont mean like hip hop i mean as real as possible
Were our own obstacles and my fear is my only courage
To the guys, i know its much yall been through
Me too can we exchange pains
No need for no homo
And to the po-ets all of yall are princesses love yall
Know that i apologize for those guys
I never was an advocate of religion but today i swear to god i feel you all wish we could all win
Im goin all in

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 23, 2011

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