Adeosun Olamide

From Bosom A Friend - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

We gather thoughts- in prayer
Prayer that we wake- wake from this
Put ears to the priest- but hear him
Our dead giggling, comforting yet sad-
We roll our sleeves- as carry the sand
Sand- that shall be a beloved blanket

Lain in earth that now shall be his home-
Shivering hands blanket him with sand-
We open eyes to see, to see grave sealed
Opened eye but cried, the tears softened-
And mouths to pray, opened but wail-
That now his room is far- a deep from mine

We remain still- there- outliving the sun
Listening, hoping he’d wake, scream
Hoping he’d cough when dark and stroll
I lingered- listening to the nothingness
Staring- hoping he’d open doors his grave
And behold stars rehearsing in sky

In time- we wind in silence the while
Hoping recovery, hoping healing-
Did, but memories found us there-
It catches there- in attempt to forget,
To move on, and so begins its torment,
Of sowing regret, of unveiling our role

I shared joke- that did choke him his death
He woke, screamed- moment -I left morgue
If waited a bit, a longer- he’d be here
And thus they came- in silence dwelled
To torment, bury and sow regret
To dwell murderers mask, a betrayals robe

No longer to die crave- for tis to confront him,
To see him- hug, love me despite my acts
No more to in silence or light dwell
But must out, despise this realm-
To hear voices that hollows his, this
To see shadows along his, this

Though unwelcoming company
A shoulder to art on-
Nor absorbent that wipes tears
Or whispers that hush wails
Though unwelcoming all
The hand pushes still-
Bestowing embrace that reminds
Bequeathing balm that hurts

And to be anew- run thorough still
To neither live nor crave smile
But to hear voices- voices that hollows this
To see shadow, shadows along his-
And hope a forgive my betrayal
Of leaving grave his- on night buried

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 20, 2015

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