Adeosun Olamide

From Sayings- The Grannies - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

And Jesus died
A young man such good looks
And many fine prospect
He could been
-He could been
The fine politician
And perhaps be king
Messiah his people
As falsely foretold-
Were not delusions
That brought his death.

It is a shame-
He was not- a school put
To learn sciences or histories
A shame
He came apprentice- a carpenter
And sat long in chapel-
Listening those myth-
Wasting life away-

Were there social works-
His custodial‘d been changed
Aw- who gives birth in a manger?

Yet He a good life lived-
At least- better than some 'd ever live-
He loved children,
Attended weddings
Where supplied wine-
I’d be His disciple certainly for that’
And raised also he- some dead to Life
Aside walking on water-
-I too, a lover sorcery
Or illusions it’s known
A lover attention that follows it-
I sure friends that can act Lazarus- scarce
Yet Jesus found- despite his upbringing
What a friendly soul- that perished

There nonetheless a lesson- all us
To be careful what say-
For attention seeking can bad- out
Especially when trails inciting others-
Seen what did Mary little boy?
Threw cross and a tomb- him
All for threatening ruin a temple-
And calling self -God begotten
Sure Isis, likes would done him worse
Beyond cross that broke his back
And whippings-
O, those whippings pregnant pain
That follows to the hereafter.

And sad- only Judas followed him
I have loved the Judas since-
For his courageous dealings-
Unlike the cowardice- Peter
And others that petered out always
Judas made money- orphanage
And others-
He indeed bore remorse-
And shewed pain- his master passing
It brought him though mad to death-
Shall hope only-
His earnings charity went- as intended

For Mary- like her kind- abandoned
I don’t know why this trying moment
Joseph shouldn’t by her side be-
It reminds me a man too-

We- poor women…
Dwelling this retirement home

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