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From The Mount Of Olives To Via Dolorosa

From the Mount of Olives to Via Dolorosa.

Are you ready to walk within my deep dreams?

Let us begin.

I was stood somewhere up high in a magnificent luscious garden, and as the daylight slowly receded.

I saw a band of say,12 men gradually approaching.

All adorned in white robes of some sorts.

With the shimmering stars, lighting up the grey skies as their escorting heavenly consorts.

They were all a short distance away and never saw me watching, hidden behind a green olive grove.

As I carefully stared, I felt as if one of them knew I was there.

Hidden from sight, but still, he knew.

As I watched, he seemed to speak to the group clad in white and left.

Walking purposefully towards me.

With a subtle sense of supernatural power and a movement, that spoke of effortless control.

He seemed to be mouthing something I could not hear.

To the now dark ominous skies hovering above him.

Which seemed to crackle with electric energy and authority as though replying.

As I watched.

Looking down the hill past his followers.

A multitude of flickering yellow lights seemed to be parading up the now black curving pathway.

Like a mythical glow-worm.

Something so incredible and strange, I just knew this dream was way above the norm.

A deep compulsion to warn the figure who I now recognised as Jesus, washed over me, but before I could speak.

He raised his finger to his lips and seemed to send me a message telepathically.

That made all my energies redundant and weak.

It is ok, John.

I know what is to come and the price I must pay.

Be silent as my eternal friends now sleep, for a short while at least.

Before the storm which is to come starting tonight. Coming from the East.

For they do not know the price I have to pay, or could ever have the capacity to understand.

My journey to Golgotha isn't the end, but also a new beginning for all living things.

I will see you again in my Fathers Great Kingdom when, unfortunately, you too will eventually wear one of Death's black wedding rings.

You have simply stumbled upon one of humanities old memories.

Iconic moments which are constantly replayed for the curious to find, and to appreciate for themselves.

I have seen this memory written down in so many old black leather-bound books,   and one thing they all seem to miss; is this.

Can you write this visit down for me, for the few to see if they too find their way here like you?

For there's still a secret here to find in these deep dreams, as they too wander through these wet mists.

You see when the Temple guards took me from here.

In the Garden of Gethsemane.

As I was led away after that kiss, from you know who - who I forgave, of course.

I walked away with them smiling, for I knew.

I knew humanity would finally have a chance at salvation.

This flux around us is shimmering but it will hold.

Stay with me for a few more moments, as I speak of humanities chance of redemption.

And then he broke eye contact and returned to his sleeping disciples.

Who awoke as the loud battalion of Temple men arrived.

Judas Iscariot kissed him and called him, Rabbi, as I looked on.

The figure who just spoke to me, now arrested. Walked down the hill.

Looking straight forward and glowing with such a beautiful beaming smile, that must have stood out for a country mile.

The one where true untainted happiness cannot be hidden.

A child's smile.

A Son of God smile.

The last message I received as I lost the ethereal dream state was simply this.

Fear not, I will survive for soon passage for all can never be denied.

As he slowly disappeared into the darkness and walked to his already foretold wake.

Trailed by some strong-looking men holding lit torches, and men in white robes. Following screaming and crying.

With white doves watching the scene below as they stopped flying.

He spoke again.

I willingly go to die, so that all of humanity could have their sins forgiven, and receive endless life.

If in me they do believe.

So that broken relationships with God can be restored.

And Atonement can be known and acknowledged in every moment.

And then I awoke in a cold sweat.

Rather a strange dream to recollect.

I can still see all those figures in white walking up that winding pathway.

And always hear that so soothing voice before they all walked to the Way of Sorrows.

Did my imagination conjure it up, or did I stumble into one of humanities hidden time loops?

All questions for a reflective Easter weekend like today, whilst sipping Merlot and bathing in the sunshine of life.

Have a great time wherever you are.

I hope you are free and not suffering from any struggles or strife.

Remember, you now belong to two strange worlds.

One of this mortal life, and one of forgiveness where there is no night.

Salute and Happy Easter.

Copyright John Duffy
From The Mount Of Olives To Via Dolorosa

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