Frozen Tears Poem by Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael

Frozen Tears

Deceive and hurt my feelings as you so desire;
I shall shed no tears.
My Mentor was betrayed with a kiss from a friend;
He neither cried nor broke down in tears;
All He did was surrender without a fight;
Even though He had soldiers ready to fight for Him.

Mock me and my belief all together;
I shall shed no tears.
My Mentor's honor was badly molested;
Lies of blasphemy were allegated against Him;
Even though there were no proofs of His guilt;
Not a cry of protest escaped His mouth.

Hit me all you want;
I shall shed no tears.
My Mentor was brutally bashed to pulp;
He neither fought back nor complained;
Even though it'd take no sweat or efforts from Him;
Not a strand of hair did He hurt on His tormentors.

Persecute me till I can walk no more;
I shall shed no tears.
My Mentor was beaten and painted in His own blood;
He neither ran nor pleaded for mercy;
All He did was persevered and suffered in silence;
Till He got His cross to Calvary.

Break me and stab me like a culprit;
I shall shed no tears.
My Mentor was crucified in place of a thief;
Crown of thorn and sour wine were used to torment Him;
They tried to provoke His power of healing and vengeance;
Yet He neither broke nor bent to their will.

Cause me to fall deep and hard;
I shall shed no tears.
My mentor was murdered in cold blood;
He neither feared nor ran for His life;
All He did was blessed His captors;
And He rose back to glory on the third day.

I shall shed no tears;
For His sacrifice has frozen my tears...

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