Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael Poems

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Nigeria! The Dream Of Our Heroes Past

Living in pains and inferiority;
They dreamed to make a name.
Farming and eating on mines of indignity;
They persevered and beared the shame.

I Love Your Ways

I love the way you look at me;
Your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you smile at me;
Your smile so cute and lovely.

Follow The Star

Follow the star;
Do not loose it;
It leads to the path of righteousness.
Follow the star;

I Need Answers

Looking up the sky;
I got a blank stare-back.
Sailing accross the pacific;
Yet no hope of a destination.


When I Was A Little Child

When I was a little child;
I was a little wild;
A little adventurous;
A little naughty;

Two Sides Of A Coin

A man is hopeless without a woman;
Joy holds no value without sorrow;
Life will be less meaniful without death;
Health will be really cheap if there are no diseases;

I'm Going Home

My home is there;
Not anywhere around here;
I shall shed no tear;
Just 'coz i'm in fear;


More than just its look of propriety;
It fills the world with dreams of vanity;
Man cares for it with order of entity;
Stripping young and old of his dignity;

Love Me Again

All I knew was being on my own;
All I did was pen down my groan;
All I asked was a room to be alone;
But all I got was the joy of a clone.

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