phillip seymore

Frustration - Poem by phillip seymore

im tired of being segrigaed and estimated. and dealing with cats i already ensenerated and eliminated. and raps thats out dated. and making tapes with rhymes that cant make it. because i been liricly domesticated. born to make it played the game just to break it. the game has yet to be calibrated but my skill has yet to caculated. yall been deacclerated and as i metateded my skill has levitated and acclerated cause i been decorated and dedicated for the game to be decontaiminated. cause none can spit venom as well as i demostraated. my skill stays elasticated and prepared to snap untill your evaporated. hear let me tell u something about evaporation i'm going to spit so much heat i leave no condisation. your carrer is over end of conversation. please start the abdication or it will be a altercation cause im tired of waitin cause my flows gets higher than the elivation cause its not the man in the mirror your facin

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 17, 2008

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